Nancy Brown’s diary entries from December 22 – 31, 1923

Dec 22 – Candy. Candy. Candy.

Dec 23 – Girls working night & day. Dorothy here helping. Robert, Joe & Willard delivering. I went home with Dodo to night about 11 P.M. She & Joe put up and trimed their Xmas tree, burned out a fuse.

Dec 24 – Dodo & I went down town. Lela, Helen, Jean and Martha came home with Bess. We had our Xmas. Joe took Lela & Dodo up to Lelas. Children & I stayed all night. Edith & Hedwig went to opera. Girls got all candy orders filled & delivered to night.

Dec 25 – Very plesant. Lela went to spend the day with Lou. He was feeling fine. She got back to Bessies for six oclock goose dinner. Later we had our presents. Dodo stayed to home till five. Sold a number of boxes of candy. Joe & Bob went and got her. We all came home.

Dec 26 – A few flurries of snow. Mas 102 birthday,[142] Uncle His 86 “” [birthday].[143] A rest in Kandy Kitchen. Signa here cleaning. Claude & Eda got home from Mich 10-30 P.M. stayed with Ethan & Hannah Sat night.

Dec 30 – Girls working hard with the candy. Dorothy, Joe and Robert helping. ” [Joe] took Dodo and I to Bessies 11 P.M. He stayed and helped Dodo trim Xmas tree. They blew fuse out. Did not get tree trimed till three A.M.

Dec 31 – Dodo & I down town. Lela, Helen, Jean & Martha came down this eveing. Lela, Dodo & Martha went home after the gifts were given out. Joes mother also went with them.

[142] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[143] Sarah’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

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