November 25, 1901 letter to Sarah Keith from Robert Cr

November 25, 1901

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Robert Crawford, Neenah, WI

Robert is writing Sarah about general family news and inquiring about her family.

This letter was originally posted to the Crawford/Comfort Family Letters blogsite. Click here to read the letter.

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November 22, 1901 letter to James Keith from Ethan Keith

November 22, 1901     

To: James Keith, Chicago, IL

 From: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

Hannah does her sewing work from 7:00 in the morning until 9:00 or later at night. Ethan thinks it is too much for her and worries that she just can’t keep at that pace. She only earns $1.00 per day. Their father sings most of the time and as he is in the same room where Hannah does her sewing, it annoys her. Ethan wishes Nancy and the girls could have stayed at 736 as it was home to them and close to the gallery.

This letter was originally posted to the Crawford/Comfort Family Letters blogsite. Click here to read the letter.



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November 10, 1901 letter to Cora Keith from Malvina Meredith

November 10, 1901

To: Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Malvina Meredith, Shelbyville, MI

Is sending canned fruit, potatoes, apples and cabbage along with some Christmas presents. Tells of the “Electric road” running a line behind their barn. It has been three months since Roy Field died and it is heart rending to read Mrs. Field’s and Grace’s letters to Josie.

Scan of 1901-11-10 Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith

Shelbyville Nov 10. 1901.

Dear Daughter

I will try and write a few lines to let you know we have to day packed and got ready for ship ment in the morning your canned fruit and also two barrells of potatoes apples and cabbage and a few onions and we also send a box of odds and ends. The wool shawl is for you. I intended it for a Christmas present but thought it would do you lots of good before that time so concluded to send it. Hope you will like it but if you had rather have a black and lavender give the pink and white one to Winnie[1] and I will send the other one when I send your Christmas box. Tell Mr Hiner[2] I could not get his grip in the box but will send it later. I hope he will enjoy the Chili sauce and the mustard pickles. Uncle John sends the children some popcorn and tell Walter[3] his little bram picked up the hickory nuts for him. Tell Jim[4] I have not got his Christmas present done yet so could not send it this time. Ask Fred what he wants for Christmas. Just let us know. Pa[5] has been out to Kalamazoo since he got back from Chicago and bought a new wind mill. I guess he was homesick when he got home for he said he would have liked to stay all winter but thare was a dozzen wanted to see him about lumber. Johnie[6] wants to know if you want any more of that soap. If you do he will send it when we send the next box. Tell Jim our folks will try and breed Flora.[7] Bert[8] has LaPanta to keep this winter. Mr Royce has gone to Florida for the winter. Well they have been through with the Electric road again and they have run the line this time right back of our barn and through the garden corner ways over to the G R & I[9] track and then straight south. They run up that gulley on Tom Brabons. They have it all built in their minds. Well it is just three months to day since Roy[10] died. It dont seem possible. Nothing will ever replace his loss to his people. They feel his loss more and more evry day. It is heart rending to read one of Graces[11] or Mrs Fields[12] letters to Josie.[13] Josie is not well and has not seen a well day this fall. She has been having a terrible boil on her shoulder for the last week. She had complained of a pain in her shoulder for the last two months and we rubbed stuff on but it did not do any good and finaly she got a Balladona plaster[14] and put on and had it on about a week and it hurt her so she took it of and a big boil came on it for comfort. Well I guess I will quit for it is almost time the girls was home from Church. Jim, Josie and Marian[15] went. The Rev Byrns is holding Revivals here. Mrs John Haywood is very sick and is not expected to recover. She has dropsey and Anna Knowlton is very sick with Typhoid Fever. Jack Miller came from Chicago this morn. His Sister Mrs Draper is not expected to live from one day to another. Tell Fred Archie Terpening and family are in Chicago. They went from here a week ago last Thursday. They talke some of staying all winter. I will say good by for the present. With love to all. I am as ever your loving Mother.

Malvina Meredith

Mr Hall said those things would get thare on Wednesday. Write as soon as you get them and let us know if they are all right.



[1] Cora’s oldest daughter, Winifred Keith

[2] John Z. Heiner, a friend and/or co-worker of Cora’s husband Jim when they lived in Chicago and who lived with or near them when they moved back to Michigan

[3] Cora’s second child, Walter Keith

[4] Cora’s husband, Jim Keith

[5] Malvina’s husband, Walter Meredith

[6] Malvina’s son, John Meredith

[7] The horse

[8] Malvina’s son, Walter Burton Meredith

[9] Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad

[10] LeRoy Field

[11] Roy’s sister, Grace (Field) Carlton

[12] Roy’s mother, Anna (Murdock) Field

[13] Malvina’s daughter, Josephine Meredith, who had been dating Roy

[14] A belladonna plaster used foliage from the belladonna plant for relief of aches and pains

[15] Malvina’s youngest daughter

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November 5, 1901 letter to Louese Harris from Sarah Keith

November 5, 1901   

To: Louese Harris, Shelbyville, MI

From: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

Update on family and neighbors.

Scan of 1901-11-05 Sarah Keith to Louese Harris

Galesburg Nov 5 1901

Dear Lou and family

Wed eve

Ethen and Hannah[1] have gone to the Burg.[2] Your pa[3] and I are alone. I can see better by lamplight then by sunlight especially when thare is no sun such dark days. Been snowing today. Went off about as fast as it come. Am sorry D[4] is not well. I do not wonder he is sick. Wish he could come down whilst you are here. Aaron and Cora[5] called here last Sunday eve. Had a good visit. Think you must had quite a time at the hall Thursday eve. Mrs Boem died yesterday. I asked Gertrude when her father and mother were going to your house. She said she did not know as they were going. Did Cora write they had a new carriage. Leone[6] has been sick the past four weeks. Mrs Ralph told Hannah she had sliped her apron strings and had taken cold. She said one ought to stand over her with a cudgel to make her know her place. Guess Willis has a hard to get along, rent to pay, wood to buy and every [thing] they eat has to be bought and Willis out of work. The rats got so thick at the barn did not know what to do. Carrie brought us a cat and four kittens, two of them have no tails. Wish Mildred[7] could see them. Expect Mate Ford[8] will have them. Tell Floid[9] his Grandpa says when he comes down to fetch his gun he has some squirrels he wants him to shoot. Cora thinks Leone done[?] pretty well your pa’s eye is better. Dont you think Mr Blains family ought or are thankful that the girl was awake to see what he was doing. I think he ought to go to states prison for life. I hope he can be caught for Hanks sake. I am glad he did what he did. He will not dare to come to Chicago. He may be brought here cannot go to see Hank and tell his yarns. He had Hank completly under his thumb. Hannah went to Mrs Pease’s last Sat eve staid till Sunday eve.

Grant Oatman[10] is sick again probably you know it. Ethen got a letter from Henry Keith.[11] He said he and Pros[12] met in Oakland. Dont know but I wrote you last week about it. Do hope you can come home the last of the month.


Thursday Eve – have not sent this epistle today. I shall be glad when we get free delivery. Hannah had a very narrow escape from what might been a sad affair. We keep the cloth we wipe the lamps with in the dry oven. Ethen built a hot fire, set the cloth a smokeing. She opened the window and doors, took the cloth and started out doors. It blazed up burned her eye brows, eye whiskers, singed her hair, burned her hand. That was eve she is all right today. If she had thought to thrown it in the stove but she did – the danger was her cloths catching afire. It scares me when I think about it. Ethen has been having a spell with his heart this afternoon. Done lifting at the barn he ought not to have done. He has been taking Miles nervine that has helped him. He has it about used up. Mrs Bowen died yesterday. Ethen got a letter from Mark Lee.[13] He is awfuly bad off he cannot get around only as he uses crutches. Rheumatism is the cause.


[1] Her son and daughter, Ethan Keith and Hannah (Keith) Towne

[2] Galesburg, Michigan

[3] Her husband, Charles “Luke” Keith Jr.

[4] Louese’s husband, Daniel D. Harris Jr., known simply as “D”

[5] Aaron Hogeboom and Cora Harris. Cora was D Harris’ sister; Aaron was her future husband

[6] Several names in this letter could refer to family members, but the references raise questions. Louese had a daughter named Louese, however why would Sarah be writing to Louese about that? Other names that could be family but also raise questions are the references to Willis and Hank (could be referring to her daughter Nancy’s husband, but he died May 22, 1901)

[7] Louese’s daughter, Mildred Harris

[8] Neighbor, Mary Ann (Thompson) Ford

[9] Louese’s son, Floyd Harris

[10] Her neighbor

[11] Her step-son

[12] Her brother, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[13] Her husband’s cousin, Marquis de Lafayette Lee

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November 4, 1901 letter to Nancy Brown from George Tomlinson

November 4, 1901

To: Nancy Brown

From: George Tomlinson, Perry, NY

Is sending the Assignment of Mortgage as well as the Mortgage. They have been busy making repairs to the mill this past summer.

Scan of letter and mortgages 1901-11-04 George Tomlinson to Nancy Brown

Geo. Tomlinson & Son, Proprietors
Silver Lake Flouring Mills

Perry, N.Y. Nov. 4 1901

Mrs. Nancy Brown

I send you herewith assignment of Mtg. I got the County _____ certificate to day.

We are all in usual good health. We are glad to learn you business is satisfactory and hope it will continue. We have not heard from Claude[1] lately – conclude he is usually well and prosperous.

We have only _____ long in touch from Galesburgh[2] – not at all from Henry.[3] We have been very busy the past summer doing repairs on the mill. Wish we had some business not requiring such extensive repairs.

I enclose the mortgage also.


Geo. Tomlinson


[1] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[2] Galesburg, Michigan

[3] Presume this refers to Nancy’s half-brother, Henry Keith

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October 4, 1901 letter to Louese Harris from Sarah Keith

October 4, 1901

To: Louese Harris, Shelbyville, MI

From: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

Was surprised by a visit from her brother, Robert Crawford. Nancy has gone back home. Was anxious to see her children, but hated to go home as it was so different without Hank.

Scan of 1901-10-04 Sarah Keith to Louese Harris

Galesburg Oct 4”/1901

Dear Lou

Will write a little this morning. Nancy[1] went yesterday morning. She went from here on the interurban. She got a from Mrs Wagner saying they had decided to go north before they went to Chicago. They had got letters from friends that wanted them to be sure and meet them thare. Hannah[2] looked out of the window about four oclock yesterday afternoon and said for goodness thare comes Uncle Robert.[3] Wish he had come the day before whilst Nancy was here. He thinks he will go to your place week after next. He had a very bad cold but is better of it now. He was on the Lake night before last. Crossed from Milwaukee to Ottawa Beach went by the way of Grand rapids. He went to sleep before he got to Shelby ville. Did not wake up till he got most to Kal.[4] He had a very tempestuous night on the Lake. I suppose Nancy is flying around house with her blue dress on. She wanted to see her children[5] but hated to go home. If Hank[6] was thare it would be different. They will expect the Dr[7] Sunday. Hannah feels better this week then she has since she was sick real cold have a fortaste of what is coming. Hope this will find you all well. I have nothing new to write after you had gone. Hannah found Mildred[8] drawers. Will send them by Robert if he goes. He is going to the Burg[9] with letters will send this by him.




[1] Her daughter, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[2] Her daughter, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[3] Her brother, Robert Crawford

[4] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[5] Claude, Lela & Bess Brown

[6] Nancy’s husband, Henry Brown, who died May 22, 1901

[7] Lela’s fiancé, Samuel Boyer

[8] Louese’s daughter, Mildred Harris

[9] Galesburg, Michigan

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Saga of Flora the Horse

Saga of Flora the Horse

From Charles Luke Keith’s 1894 diary:

Feb 16 – Worked on buggy. Mr Monger came with the horse. Ethan went with him to see how she would travel. Concluded to buy it paid $75. Ethan went over in Evening and got her.

Feb 19 – Pleasant and cold. Ethan cleaned the harness. Jesse came down. Will Schuyler called here to see Ethan. Mr Wm Ralph came down and Killed Bill horse.

Feb 21 – No work to day. Nice day plasant and cold. Will came over harnesed up Flory the first time.

Mar 10 – Ethan and Will Clark went to Kalamazoo. Drove Flora.

Mar 17 – Nice pleasant day. Went around the square drove Flora.



10-04-1901, Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith: Tell Jim Flora is looking fine and feels as friskey as a colt. She will run and kick up her heels and you can guess what else she does.

01-27-1902, Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith: Now Jim Pa wants me to ask you if you dont want to sell Flora. Mr Bowen will give twenty five dollars for her and Pa thinks the money will do you more good than the horse for Cora cant never drive her. She is a terrible kicker to turn her out with other horses or cattle and she kicked Jim on the hand in the barn one day last week and he has a bad hand yet. Pa says thare will be plenty horses on the place so you wont lack for a horse when you want one and evry one says she cant never be got with foal she has the heaves so bad. You write and let Pa know as soon as you get this.

02-04-1902, Hannah Towne to James Keith: Now about Flora. I dont want her to be sold so I think she had better be killed and buried for when summer comes she will be just as bad about her breathing and who ever gets her wont have any sympathy for her and she will be pounded around and made to go whether she can or not. I cant see into her kicking for she has always been a kind horse never offered to kick or bite. Perhaps D would take her and keep her till spring and use her what he can then the ground would be thawed out so she could be buried good. Now dont you decieve me for I want to know just what is done with her. All I wish that she had been killed last summer and put beside of Bill. She is more to me that any one else.

02-05-1902, Hannah Towne to James & Cora Keith: We have just got a letter from Lou and she says Cora gave Burt _______ to sell Flora. Now I want to know if he know whos horse he is selling. You know I never wanted her to go off from this place and you and Cora said she could go up there and be all right and now she is sold but I would smile to see that blacksmith or any one else keep her if I had the money to take an officer up there with me. I never asked Mr Meridith to keep her and I dont blame him for not wanting to keep her any longer but I think I had ought to have been consulted in the matter for you both know how I feel and as long as you had never paid me any thing I consider her as much mine as yours and a little bit more. The money dont cut any figure with me it is my feelings and I supposed you would keep her and if she could not be used or raise colts you would bury her but now she is trading property and if you think I feel good you are mistaken.

P.S. I will give you a little advice. Keep the letter Mrs Meridith wrote you about coming there for you may need it. And when you get there do just as Mr & Mrs W Meridith tells you to do for they are all right but dont listen to Burt. I know more than you think I do.

02-10-1902, Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith: Pa says to not let it worry you about the horse for he will make it all right some so all will be satisfactory. If she wont take the twenty five dollars for the horse Mr Bowen will give her up but he would like to keep her awhile. I was pretty near mad but Pa laughed at me and said you and I must be sick to let such little things fret or worry us. He said he had rather give twenty five dollars right out of his own pocket than to have any trouble about it and I know he had.

02-14-1902, Hannah Towne to James Keith: Now about Flora. When Lou wrote she said she had been told that Burt had done just what he said he would do and that was to sell Flora. He was to get twenty dollars for her and take it out in black smithing.

It fired me and would you if you had been in my place. I know more about her than you do. I had rather go with out the fifteen dollars than to know she had got to go through with what she did last summer in regard to her breathing than be sold from one man to an other and be pounded around. Now I will tell you what I think. Let Mr Bowen keep her till June and if she dont have the heaves then let him pay for her, but if she does have them you can kill her and bury her but dont take her hide off and sell it for a dollar.

You wrote as if you thought I did not have any sympathy for you but I have got as much as any one and would do as much for you as any one and I am doing some things that you might have to _____ in and help do if it was not for me but that is all right. When you have the asthma awful bad you can lay off but a horse is in a mans power and some havent the reason of a dog.

About your going to Shelbyville. I have said all the time that I thought your health would be better and I think it is very kind in Mr Meridith to give you such a chance but what I ment Burt may think you are treading on his toes for I know what Cora has always said about him the way he treats her some times. I dont calculate to interfere with your business and I hope every thing will be all right and I guess it will be.

02-23-1902, Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith: Tell Jim Pa had to take Flora back for Bowen got in to trouble with Harry Kimells wife and had to skip out so Hannah can have her any time.

03-06-1902, Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith: Flora is back here ready to go back to Galesburg any time.

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October 4, 1901 letter to Cora Keith from Malvina Meredith

October 4, 1901

To: Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Malvina Meredith, Shelbyville, MI

Writes about horse races and some of their race horses. Also wrote about the canning and preserving she has done; has put up over 200 quarts.

Scan of 1901-10-04 Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith

Shelbyville Oct 4. 1901.

Dear Daughter

I will write a few lines to night to let you know we are all as well as usual. We have not all got over our colds yet but are inproveing all but Hilda[1] and she is threataned with Croup. They all stayed here last night and will to night for Bert[2] is to Allegan to the Races. Bill Strongwood Berts little Sorrell mare won second money in the races $.25. at Plainwell and $75. at Allegan and he takes her to Hastings next week and they think she will first place thare for they held her back and did not want her to win first. Pa[3] has bought May Beck their Mother for $100. I wanted to go to the Races to day to see the colts but it was to cold. Pa went yesterday. Uncle Evans and Aunt Lorinda[4] was here all last week. John and Marian[5] drove out to Kal[6] last Tuesday after May Beck. A Mr Vorburg owned her and they came back Wednesday. That was the day of that Triple Funeral of those people that was drowned in West Lake last Sunday. I will send you the papers with it in. John had a letter from Jim[7] and he said Winnie[8] was sick. I hope she is better by this time. Tell Jim Flora[9] is looking fine and feels as friskey as a colt. She will run and kick up her heels and you can guess what else she does. Tell Walter[10] the little Belwinn Hares are just as cute and play full as little kittens. We will have another batch next week. Pa has got Mahlons timbers about all sawed out for his barn. Rhanious is building another house and Pa is going to furnish part of the finishing lumber for that, butternut and oak. I want to go to G.R.[11] next week to get my glasses fixed. It is Carnival week. Sell Steels folks have a boy born to day and Dick Marons baby was buried yesterday, the one that was sick when you was here. Tell Mr Hiner[12] I have put up 30 quts of tomatoes and 14 qts of Chili sauce and eleven qts of mustard pickles and I will send him some of it when I send the boxes. The children have a barrell of apples picked for you but they have not got the potatoes dug yet. I am all through with my canning and pickling but my green tomato pickles. I have not got an emty can in the house and I have bought 24 pint cans. I have over two hundred qts. Josie, Marian and Ida[13] have gone to an Entertainment at the Church to night. Dr had another dance last night but it was a failure nobody went. He is going to Chicago Sunday to be gone a week. I suppose Fred will have to hunt a a new boarding place for Mrs Brown said she was not going to keep boarders any longer after she went home she did not think it paid. Well I guess I have written all the news so I will quit for this time so good by and write soon and let us know how Winnie is.

Love to all and my respects to Mrs Anderson and Emma and Mrs D.

From your loving Mother

Mrs Walter Meredith

P.S. Josie, Marian, Anna, Jennie, Neva, Myrtie and Ida all went to the Plainwell Fair last week and all had their Photos taken togather and they just came to night and they are fine. I thank you for the pictures of President and Mrs McKinley. I had just bought a large one of President McKinley.


[1] Her granddaughter

[2] Her son, Walter Burton Meredith Jr.

[3] Her husband, Walter Meredith

[4] Her brother-in-law and his wife, Evans & Lorinda (Adams) Meredith

[5] Her son and daughter

[6] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[7] Cora’s husband, Jim Keith

[8] Cora and Jim’s oldest daughter, Winifred Keith

[9] There are several letters regarding Flora; see the following post for the saga of Flora the Horse

[10] Cora and Jim’s second child

[11] Grand Rapids, Michigan

[12] John Z. Heiner, a friend and/or co-worker of Jim’s when he lived in Chicago and who lived with or near Jim and Cora when they moved back to Michigan

[13] Her daughters, Josephine and Marian, and daughter-in-law, Ida (Curie) Meredith (the wife of Walter Burton Meredith Jr.)

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September 18, 1901 letter to Nancy Brown from Sarah Keith and Hannah Towne

September 18, 1901

To: Nancy Brown

From: Sarah Keith and Hannah Towne

Hannah is hoping to go to Chicago on the 28th and stay until the following Thursday. Luke had trouble with his stomach – ate too many peaches and grapes. Mrs. Roymont has gone insane and wants to kill somebody.

My dear Girl –[1]

Two p.m. will write a few lines this afternoon. We got your Letter yesterday morning. Looked for Claude and Eda,[2] they have not come yet. Have put the stocking on, think it holds my leg so it does not hurt my leg to step on my foot as it did. It is a nice stocking. Hannah asked Ethan[3] if he could do the work from Sunday till Thursday if she went to Chicago a week from Sunday. Will Clark[4] said he did not believe there would be an excursion then so I do not know. Ethan would do the work. Grampa[5] had quite a bad spell with his stomach yesterday. Ethan and Hannah rubed and pounded him gave him peppermint quite a while before he got over it. Guess he ate to many peaches and grapes. He cannot deny himself. Will is over here. Dell[6] is in the store. Strange is it not that Aaron[7] should have the asthma whenever he comes to Shelbyville.[8] If I was in his place I would keep clear of that place. We have twenty one quarts of peaches canned. D[9] sent us two bushels one bushel not very nice. D said Lou[10] made a mistake and sent the wrong bushel. I am satisfied with them. I do hope Hannah can go to Chicago. Mrs Roymont [Raymond?] has gone insane. She wants to kill somebody. I have not anything new to write. No rain yet. Tom Ford is not coming this winter he can do better there than here. I am glad of one thing he writes to his grandmother[11] that pleases her. Ethan writes all the time but does not get over his bad feeling. I think I told you he got poisoned with ivy cutting weeds along the fence by the hill. He thought he was very careful. I told him he had better let it go than get poisened. I will not say anthing about the Dr.[12] I cannot hardly see to write.  Perhaps you can read a little and guess of the rest. Such crooked lines. Hannah is going to write some, so I will quit.

Good bye,


Have looked this over am ashamed to send it. Do not know as I would do better if I should try so will send it.


I will say like this if there is an excursion on the 28th I will try and go and stay until the next Thursday. I am working as hard as I can to get all done that has to be.

I thought you would help pay my way back if I made Bessies[13] suit. If anything happens that I cannot go or if they dont have an excursion I will let you know by the middle of the week. If you have engaged that woman to make it let me know then I wont go till later in the season. Ma is awful bad I think grows worse dont see how she can stand it very long like this. The rest of us are about the same I am feeling pretty good.

I must go to work. I have got a bowl of cheese down cellar I made at noon. Thought C & E[14] would be here for supper but guess not since it is to late.



[1] Taken from an earlier transcription; location of original letter is unknown

[2] Nancy’s son and his wife, Claude & Edith “Eda” (Neumaier) Brown

[3] Her daughter and son, Hannah (Keith) Towne and Ethan Keith

[4] Her step-grandson

[5] Her husband, Charles “Luke” Keith Jr.

[6] Her stepson-in-law, Adelbert Skinner

[7] Aaron Hogeboom, the future husband of Cora Harris who was the sister of D Harris (see footnote #8)

[8] Shelbyville, Michigan

[9] Her son-in-law, Daniel D. Harris Jr., known simply as “D”

[10] Her daughter, Louese (Keith) Harris

[11] Believe she is referring to her neighbor, Adelia (Tompkins) Ford, whose grandson was Thomas Ford

[12] Believe she is referring to Samuel Boyer, who was the fiancé of Nancy’s daughter, Lela Brown

[13] Nancy’s daughter, Bess Brown

[14] Claude and Eda

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Obituary of Matilda (Allen) Brown


Matilda Allen Brown1

 March 19, 1819 – September 8, 1901

OBITUARY (newspaper source unknown)

Maltida Allen was born March 19, 1819, in New York. Her early life was spent in that state and in 1841 she was married to Ambrose Brown at Solus [sic], Wayne county, N.Y. She and her husband moved to Michigan in 1854 and settled on the farm now owned by E. E. Galusha, about two miles southwest of this village. Five children were born to them, but three died in infancy.

In the fall of 1880 Mr. Brown died and the wife went to Kalamazoo to make her home with her son, Henry and family; about three years ago she moved with them to Chicago where Mr. Henry died this summer. She had been in poor health a number of years and died of paralysis Sunday night, September 8. Her only surviving child, Willis Brown, brought the remains here Monday evening and they were taken to the home of C. L. Keith, where the funeral was held yesterday morning, at 10:30, Rev. Samuel Pearson officiating.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pearson, Mr. O. Williams and Miss Mamie Munger furnished the music. Interment took place in the Brown cemetery, beside her husband.


Matilda was buried in Ford’s Hill Cemetery in Comstock Township, Michigan. A letter from Granddaughter Lela (Brown) Mueller to Warren Atkins dated October 27, 1958, mentioned, “There is no road leading to the old Cemetery so the younger ones went through brush etc. to go there. Our stones were down, it will soon be forgotten as there is no road.” According to Michigan relatives, the cemetery now has a highway running through the center of it and is terribly overgrown and sprinkled with poison ivy, making it impossible to find any tombstones. Years ago, Dorothy (Recoschewitz/Brown) Langmayer visited the cemetery and copied down the following:

Matilda Brown: Born March 19, 1819; Died September 9, 1901

A simple life with work its creed
She followed with her best endeavor
Her loved ones first in thought and deed

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