February 13, 1924 letter to Nancy Brown from Hannah Towne

February 13, 1924

To: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

From: Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

Updates Nancy on various friends and neighbors. Complains of how Harry Streator can have so much and they have only what others give to them.

Wednesday 7:50 P.M. Feb 13

Dear sister and all –

A little late to commence a letter. We are still haveing cold weather, but not so stinging as it might be. Every thing is running about as usual with us. Ethen put the old cat and two of the kittens away to day. It has had used us both up. It seems like a funeral to us. We just could not afford to feed so many. We kept one the white and yellow – Tom[?]. A phone from Vinnie just a few minutes ago – she and L____ start for Florida Friday morning. You see Will has been very sick and has kept them from going. June went two weeks ago. Mary and Vida Nichols[?] came here Friday, staid until Saturday P.M. We had a good visit. They had to walk both ways in the snow. It made us feel bad. She had been out to Ninas and to Clara’s. Ninas leg is all healed up but two sores and they are no larger than a finger nail. _____ working in Hospital yet. They have found out that Geo. Owens babys neck cannot be straightened. Too bad. Yes I think Charlie[1] has been fine to us. $1.50.00. He has got children and Ethen[2] is not very well then Ina[3] needs help. I dont see how he dare give to us. I hope no one knows it. All we have got is what has been given to us, and we have got to live out of it. I hope a horse can be got before his money has to go. I have’nt had any sewing since Nov until now & am making a dress for Luella – just a cheap one. I am not very well but if I can have sewing must do it, then think of Streater[4]. It will take a bunch of money before they[5] get home. Take his ______ fit there diamond & wedding rings for her – trips sights going from one place to another, hotel bills movies etc. – $1000 will cover it. To think he can have so much and we nothing. What did he come over here for last summer and and take us over there to see his phonograph and Hannah I want you to see mothers[6] quilts the ladies have just tied for me – “Ladies Aide.” Then in Dec came again to get us to go over and see the changes he had made in the house. Mildred and Fred[7] came so we could not go. Did he do it to hurt my feelings. If he knew all I have said to Ethen in the last three week he would know more then he does now. I hope he can never look in my face again, but he will probably bring her over and compare our faces. She has her home and a farm north some where, so she must have money. I hope they will “I wont say what.” You can guess. Ethen says I must’nt send the toilet set for she has never hurt me. Carrie Barber is dead in love with him. She told me I said to her I would think Mrs S– would rather stay in Kal. Well he wont live there and she dont blame him. I side right a long with her for they are watching me and as are a good many others, but no one will see me turn green or yellow. I got a letter from _____ Barber yesterday it takes her to rattle it off. I am so glad we did not get over there to see the house. I will let him rest now. I wish Madges picture had of been in the Gazette. I hunted the paper over until I found what was said about Mary McKinney. Will send it. Think it was Jan 22 that I cut that out of.

Dorothy expects to be sick next month. Mrs _____ kept Anna Louese while she is in Hospital. I wrote to Louese last week – the one I sent you was the second one I had had since I wrote. I like Louese but she dont use Dorothy right and I hope ” ” [Dorothy] wont phone her. I dont believe any president has been eulogized more or as much as Wilson. His enemies and all have spoken nice of him. Guess it was ___lbys voice that took Van. Does “________” Mrs K – _____ these get “Ly Bess”. I wrote Aunt L____ a long letter two weeks ago. I had had two letters from her since I had written. What I have said about H.S.[8] for mercy sake dont let any one know and burn this letter right up. I must go to bed.

Thursday 9:15 A.M. A bright morning. Ethen says it wants to bluster. I am sorry for Lou[9] but if he comes home look out all the time for some thing might come over him in one second. Keep a good watch over Helen & Jean[10]. Perhaps I ought not to write how I feel about it but it seems as I must. I hope Lela[11] will feel all right about it. If he is all right it is too bad he can’t come home. Mildred said all the people on the train with Mr & Mrs S–[12] would know they were just married. I forgot to write that last eve –

We look for Floyd[13] every day. If it is nice Sunday I think he will come. Cora dont know what to write to you. She perhaps has got some frustration since she got your letter.

I must get to work.

Good bye Love H


One more thing, in our Announcement Card he sent it to Ethen. He wrote he put it R.D.L. in the envelope in side both names were on. My name was spelled Hanna Town h & e left off (over) Have I written that be fore. I write so much to you Lou[14] and Mrs Barber I cant remember.

[1] Their nephew, Charles Clark

[2] Charlie’s son, Ethan Clark

[3] Charlie’s half-sister, Ina (Skinner) Holmes

[4] A neighbor, Harry Streator

[5] Harry Streator married Bertha (Swick) Monroe on January 30, 1924

[6] Laura (Rawson) Streator

[7] Hannah’s and Nancy’s niece and her husband, Mildred (Harris) and Fred Cripe

[8] Harry Streator

[9] Nancy’s son-in-law, Louis Mueller

[10] Lou’s children, Helen and Eda “Jean” Mueller

[11] Lou’s wife, and Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[12] Harry and Bertha Streator

[13] Hannah’s and Nancy’s nephew, Floyd Harris

[14] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

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