December 12, 1923 postcard to Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown

December 12, 1923 

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

A postcard with general news.

Dec 12 1923

Dear brother & sister

Has rained steady all day. Am afraid our nice weather will take a hard cold. I expect to go to Bessies[1] tomow, stay till Christmas. She will stay home. Not a word from any of Lous[2] folks for a number of weeks. Got an announcement from Mildred.[3] Wilma[4] wrote me Jim[5] was better. Two letters from Lou[6] to day written and spelled all right perfectly normal in any thing he said. We cannot understand it. I have not been down town in over four weeks, such crowds. Girls[7] dont want I should. Have you got that record Ethan? Or have you heard it. I wont try to hear it now till after Xmas. Would be almost impossible to get in to a booth and play it now. We have had thirteen lbs candy ordered from Edna[8] and family. Let me know Aunt Jennies address. I want to send her a card. Will write Friday. All in bed but me. Good night.

With love


[1] Her daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[2] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[3] Their niece, Mildred (Harris) Cripe

[4] Their niece, Wilma Keith

[5] Their brother, James Keith

[6] Nancy’s son-in-law, Louis Mueller

[7] Nancy’s daughters, Bess, and Lela (Brown) Mueller

[8] Their cousin, Edna (Crawford) Henry Tullar

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