July 2, 1909 postcard from Leone Harris to Nancy Brown

July 2, 1909 

To: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

From: Leone Harris, Shelbyville, MI

Postcard telling of having her wisdom tooth pulled.

Scan of 1909-07-02 Leone Harris to Nancy Brown


Did I ever send u a card like this? I was down to Plainwell Mon. had a wisdom tooth out. I had a time with it last week, face was swollen so I could’nt eat. Guess it wont bother any more. Is’nt quite so warm as it has been, will cloud up and manage to rain by the “4th” as it always does.

Papa[1] is at Allegan went Wed. A.M. comes home Sat. Have my P.O. reports[2] all ready for him to sign when he gets here.

Hope this finds you all well.

Love to All



[1] Daniel “D” Harris

[2] D Harris was the postmaster for Shelbyville, Michigan and Leone helped out

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