September 29, 1907 letter to Cora Keith from Nellie Gascoigne

September 29, 1907

To: Cora Keith, Shelbyville, MI

From: Nellie Gascoigne, Chicago, IL

Nellie was glad to hear from Cora once more. Would like to see Cora’s baby. Would like to see them if they ever came back to Chicago. Her husband, Burt, is plodding along in the same old rut. Mary Gascoigne and her son, Arthur, moved back to Chicago two years ago. Arthur works for a firm where they make fireproof doors and windows. He makes good money for a kid of only 20.

Scan of 1907-09-29 Nellie Gascoigne to Cora Keith

Sept 29 1907

Mrs Keith

Dear Friend’s

We received your card. Moore than pleased to here from you. Think you must have a very prety home. Glad to here from you once moore. It was like receiveing a message from the unknown world. Would like to see the baby girl.[1] How time flies. Winnie[2] is a young lady now. Walter[3] a big boy. Would like to see you all. Do you never come to Chicago. If so why do you not come and see us. We are still in the little flat on Wolfram St. Burt[4] is on the road ploding along in the same old rut. Never will try for eny thing better or worse I guess. Well how is Jossie[5] and your Mother[6] and her family. Write me and tell me how you are all geting along. May Gascoigne[7] you remember her. Well her and Arthur[8] are here in Chic. Came back two years a go next month. Arthur is working for a firm where they make fire proof door & windows. He is an asistant estimator. Goes all over the City and measures & estimates on doors and windows. Has $1600 dollars a week and expences with the promis of $2000 the firs of the year. Prety good for a kid of only 20 Summers I think.

How did all of your crops turn out this season. Do you have much fruit.

Will bring this to a close. Hoping to here from you soon. Love to all

Mrs Gascoigne

Earl[9] says tell Aunt Cora & Uncle Jim[10] I am going to School. Like it very much.


[1] Cora’s daughter, Wilma, who was born January 7, 1905

[2] Cora’s daughter, Winifred, who was 15 years old

[3] Cora’s daughter, Walter, who was 9 years old

[4] Nellie’s husband, Myron Burdick Gascoigne

[5] Cora’s sister, Josephine (Meredith) Dean

[6] Malvina (Johnson) Meredith

[7] Mary (Johnson) Gascoigne; her husband Charles Henry Gascoigne was Myron’s brother

[8] Mary’s son

[9] Nellie’s son

[10] Cora’s husband, James Keith

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