March 3, 1907 letter to Nancy Brown from Jim Keith

March 3, 1907

To: Nancy Brown

From: Jim Keith, Shelbyville, MI

Writes of how he will try to send her the money that he owes her. He is not going to raise potatoes any more as he failed at doing so, but has better luck with keeping cows and selling the cream.

Scan of 1907-03-03 Jim Keith to Nancy Brown

Shelbyvill. March-3-1907

Dear Sister

Guess you will think I am not agoing to ansure your letter. The reason I did not ansure it before was this. I thought I could get that money for you or a part of it any way. With out selling any of my cows as there was a fellow lives west of here that wanted to loan me a $10000 last fall said any time I wanted any that he would be glad to let me have it. So I thought I would get it of him, but he is thinking of buying a farm this spring and may need all his money but if he dont I can get it for you. If not will try and sell one or two of my cows. I dont think I will raise potatoes any more. I have made a failure of that so now I was going to keep cows and ship the cream. I done that last summer and done well so I think I can keep ten cows any way and make a good thing out of it. I have five now will have another in July. Those that are keeping cows are making good money. A man over west from here about three miles made $210.80 from five cows in four months Oct. Nov. Dec. and Jan. but of course he had awful good cows and thay were all fresh in Sept. Now about Heiner[1] he may be here all summer and he may not be here a week. That is all I have to say about him now so we can not depend on any thing from him.

I will not write any thing abot about him. When I see you can tell you some things that would make your hair stand up. Now I am going to do the best I can and you will have every cent of what I owe you. I have been thinking for some time I would write you abot about it and this was what I was going to say. I was going to turn every thing I have off and buy cows then this next winter would pay you along five dollars or more a mounth as I could if that would be all right with you but as you need it will see what I can do. We are all well except colds. Winnie[2] and Mildred[3] spent last Sunday with there Uncle and Aunt[4] at Galesburg. What do you hear from Will B.[5] We heared he was comeing back the first of April. I owe him a letter as I do every one else that writes to me. I think I will write to him Monday night. Cora[6] has gone up home this eve. Winnie is out with some girls. Mr H.[7] Walter, Wilma[8] and myself are at home. The little Miss has woke up and is crying so I will have to stop and take her.

Good bye love to all

Your Bro Jim


[1] John Z. Heiner had worked in Chicago for the railway with Jim, and boarded with his family at various times

[2] His daughter, Winifred Keith

[3] Their niece, Mildred Harris

[4] Their brother and sister, Ethan Keith and Hannah (Towne) Keith

[5] Believe this is referring to Nancy’s brother-in-law, Willis Brown, who had moved to Lawton, Oklahoma (see letter of December 26, 1905)

[6] His wife, Cora (Meredith) Keith

[7] John Heiner

[8] His son and daughter, Walter (age 9) and Wilma Keith (age 2)

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