September 30, 1909 letter to Cora Keith from Winifred Keith

September 30, 1909

To: Cora Keith, Shelbyville, MI

From: Winifred Keith, Chicago, IL

She has been having her share of accidents. She ran a safety pin in her thumb and it has been very painful. Aunt Lizzy put some soap salve on it and it feels much better. Wants to know if Wilma wants the suitcase right away or would prefer to wait until Christmas. Also wants to know if she wants the one with matting or imitation leather. She can get it on a discount.

Scan of 1909-09-30 Winifred Keith to Cora Keith

Chicago Ill

Sept. 30th 1909

Dear Mamma

Rec. the letter and hat all right this P.M. was surprised to get the hat so soon. How are you getting along with your cold. Mine is a lot better. It seems as though I was having my share of accidents the other day at the store I run a safety pin in my thumb and that has been paining me all day, this evening Aunt Lizzy[1] put some soap salve on it and it makes it feel a great deal better. Does Wilma[2] want the suit case right away or does she want to wait till Xmas. I went up to see them the other day. They are quite cute. When I get one I can get it on a discount. Write and let me know whether she wants matting or imitation leather. They have both. Let me know at once for I am going to send some things.

Will close for this
With Love and a Kiss

Your loving Daughter



[1] Presume she is referring to Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown. Lizzie’s husband, Willis Brown, was the brother of Henry Brown, Winifred’s uncle (Nancy Keith’s husband). Winifred’s family, Lizzie & Will’s family and Nancy & Henry’s family all lived in Chicago at one time and did visit quite often

[2] Winifred’s sister, Wilma Keith

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