December 2, 1908 letter to Cora Keith from Nancy Brown

December 2, 1908

To: Cora Keith, Shelbyville, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

Is thanking them for the food they sent and recounting the visit they had with Jim, Walter and Mr. Pratt.

Scan of 1908-12-02 Nancy Brown to Cora Keith

Wednesday afternoon

Dear Cora, Winnie & Wilma[1]

Can you imagine our surprise yesterday morning to have a messenger boy bring a suit case and satchel with the word that we were to open them & take care of some of its contents and then the second surprise, chickens, butter, dutch cheese & the most delicious cream. Well I just wish you may sometime have the feeling we had. It was so nice of you to think of us. The note said Mr Pratt, Walter[2] & my self[3] will be to the house about four P.M. Bess[4] said Jim meant Mr Meredith.[5] That nearly broke Dorothys[6] heart, so I told her I would see, so I opened the satchel & found Walters night shirt & stocking _____. She was all right only thought Wilma ought to have come too. Well they got here about four, a tired & sleepy but about five we got them all to lie down and they slept till we called them for dinner. We telephoned for Will & Lizzie[7] to come up for the evening. ” [Lizzie] could not come but Will did. Stayed till about ten then took his chickens & butter (as surprised a man as we were in the morning) went home. The boys slept fine so they said this morning. Walter stayed here. Jim & Mr P– went over to see Uncle Hi[8] & other places. Back here to lunch and then started out again. Bess took Dorothy & Walter and has gone down town. Then they meet the boys at five olcock. Jim and Walter go out to Mr Sullivans. Mr Pratt comes home with Bess & will stay here. He did not care to go out there. Tomorow morning I take the children & Mr Pratt & meet Jim at Marshall Fields half past nine. The boys & Mr Sullivan go to the stock show. The children & I took the train over get our lunch, go over to Lincoln Park in afternoon then from there to Wills. The boys are to be there about five. They will stay all night. Friday they go where they please. We are teasing[?] Jim to stay till Sunday now he is here. Claude[9] wants him to come out there but he cant possibly go till Saturday. He says “_____,” I’d like to spend a week just visiting the boys.” I’m writting and tending Robert.[10] Walter was a little homesick last night but to day he is happy as a kitten. Cant seperate he & Dorothy. He will be tired to night. Such crowds down town & so much for him to see. Tomorow we will spend an hour or more in M. Fields play room, then look at the toys. You know what that will mean to him, for they have evry thing from a house to a jack knife & from and air ship to a wheel barrow. Winnie I wish you could come for a visit. We would try and keep you from getting homesick. I will have to stop as its getting toward eating time. We all send love and many many thanks.

From sister Nan


[1] Nancy’s sister-in-law and nieces

[2] Cora’s son, Walter Keith

[3] Nancy’s brother (Cora’s husband), James Keith

[4] Nancy’s daughter, Bess Recoschewitz

[5] Cora’s father, Walter “Burton” Meredith

[6] Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[7] Nancy’s brother-in-law and wife, Willis & Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown

[8] Their uncle, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[9] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[10] Her baby grandson, Robert Recoschewitz

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