August 15, 1907 letter to Lela Brown from Louese Harris

August 15, 1907

To: Lela Brown

From: Louese Harris

LaVerne and Doc will be married in the evening if the license arrives in time. They will be married by a Justice of the Peace in as brief a ceremony as the law allows.

Scan of 1907-08-15 Louese Harris to Lela Brown

Thursday Morning

Dear Lela

I ought to have written you as soon as I got your letter Tuesday but I’ve had so much to think of & some things to do as well. (That fellow[1] is just going to the store.) Is it possible he used to be Dr Boyer. I dont think he would pay your fare here now and I dont know as it would make any particular difference with matters and things only D[2] would give a whole lot if you could be here when they are married which will probably be this eve. It was to have been last eve but the license did not get here. Mr Stockdale Justice at Wayland will perform ceremony, is a friend of Boyer, also is well acquainted with D. Boyer sent by him to get the license. Boyer was gone all Tuesday forenoon. We rather think he has gotten Stockdale to fix up an elaborate ceremony or rather one which will bring in a good many promises. So D is going to Wayland today & see Stockdale tell him it must be brief & only what the law requires. There can be no love, honor & obey in it. D has explained to LaVerne[3] so she will be on her guard as to what questions are asked her & how she answers them. Oh dear how can the poor girl get through with it for it seems to me I can’t stand it. She wants no one in the room but D & I unless if you were here. She would not object I know. The outburst Sun. night came from a discussion as to who should marry them justice or minister. She said she would prefer minister by all means if every thing were all right but under the circumstances she supposed the justice would be preferable on account of having the law. Doc says that makes no difference. One is just as legal as the other. D says yes sir but the form of ceremony is different. The religious bring in more promises. Well Boyer says I’m not going to make any promises that I wont keep. I said promises, you make promises – what do they amount to. They go like chaff before the wind. He looked at me but said nothing. Then D said you understand mister that it makes a vast difference in this case. You understand sir she is not going to live with you. Boyer says no I understand no such thing. Such a liar. He told D ten days before that he was willing to marry her & would not ask her to live with him if she did not want to. Then she told him last Thursday night here before her father that she would do that way. Well after Boyer said that D went for him hot & heavy. I have thought that I had heard D talk just a few times in my life but I found out I never had & I guess Boyer was convinced of the fact that he had run up against something. He had nothing to say – he was beaten for once in his life. Last eve he told in ____ store that he & LaVerne were going to Chicago on the late train 12 oclock to be married so you see he carries the idea that he & she are all right.

I feel so worked up about Ruth. Mildred[4] has tried ever since Ruth came to get her to stay all night with her but she couldn’t come until yesterday morning. Winnie[5] told Mildred she would have company last night. What to do I did not know only I said to keep still & we would trust to luck if the license did not come it would be all right. Well we got word at supper time that it had’nt come so Mildred went down after Ruth and Winnie and they could not come. Winnie had to stay with her grandma[6] because Marian[7] was away and she wanted Ruth to stay with her. So when Mildred went after milk this morning they told her they would stay with her to night. So now I’ve got to get out of it some how. Ruth acts very peculiar and I’ve wondered of if it is her doings or if she is being set up. Well I must stop & send this over. Yes send the letters we may want them for the _____.

Aunt Lou

Lela I want you to come & make a visit just as soon as you can.


[1] Samuel “Doc” Boyer, who was Lela’s fiancé

[2] Her husband, Daniel “D” Harris

[3] Her daughter, LaVerne Harris, who was pregnant with Doc’s child

[4] Her youngest daughter, Mildred Harris

[5] Her niece, Winifred Keith

[6] Malvina (Johnson) Meredith

[7] Malvina’s daughter, Marion Meredith

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