Undated 1907 letter to Hannah Towne & Ethan Keith from Louese Harris


To: Hannah Towne & Ethan Keith

From: Louese Harris

More on the LaVerne, Doc & Lela situation. LaVerne has gone to Chicago to stay with her Aunt Nancy. When Doc found out he wanted to immediately go there. D telephoned Lela to let her know and she sent a telegram back to him telling him to come immediately.

Scan of 1907-06 Monday Louese Harris to Hannah & Ethan

Monday 4.15 P.M.

Dear Sister & Bro,

This is the first chance I’ve had to write to day. I got my work done about 1:30 then had to write to LaVerne[1] so letter would go on 3 oclock train. Since then Leone, D[2] & I have been up over the store ransacking Doc’s[3] old things up there but he has been there before us & taken care of old letters. D said he went up there several times last week. Well we found the class picture of 98 names & addresses of students under each picture so I took down one doz names and will write them to night finding out if I can of what school it was they attended. This has been a lonesome day just because of what has happened. Then Mildred[4] went to Kal–[5] with Mr Herberts folks this morning & I’ve been alone. She would have gone to the Burg[6] to night only I could not let her go now. I arrived home on time yesterday but felt pretty near done up. Leone had dinner about ready. Floyd[7] was doing the noon shores & D & Mildred were asleep. Leone woke Mildred up. She sprang _____ like a cat & hugged me so my neck hurt the rest of the day. The children felt bad to know LaVerne had gone to Chicago but we all do. That black scoundrel was not at the depot. Got home about 4 oclock from lake[?]. D & I talked the matter over in regard to what we would say about L.V. not coming home and concluded it would be the best to tell the truth but I’m sorry we did. Winnie[8] came over says why did’nt LaVerne come home. I said she went home with her Aunt Nan[9] for a visit. Well grass did not grow under her feet til she could go & tell it. Then after Doc came back he went down to Jims.[10] Leone, Mildred & Cora were there. Cora H–[11] I mean. Winnie says Doc your girl has gone to Chicago. Whats that he says. Mildred says I tell you she is not his girl. Winnie repeated it. He says I’m going to Chicago on the midnight train if it will stop & if not on 8 oclock in the morning. The girls came home & told us. D would have telephoned last eve– but the _____ had changed the wires so he could not hear any thing but the cracking & snapping so this forenoon he tried again. Got Lela[12] but she could not hear or understand him or he her so Central talked for them or they talked through her. Then to make sure D telegraphed Claude.[13] Doc said he should stay two days any way. I’ve written LaVerne to keep shy[?]. O Hannah D has just come with a telegram from Lela for him to be there at 10 oclock to morrow. That is all we know. It dont seem as if I can stand the suspense. He is going. Will either go to G.R. [14]or Kal– & take midnight train. Dear me I dont know why this ever had to come to us that poor girl I can’t imagine what has happened. Whether he caught her on the street when they had started for Bessies[15] or got in to the house or what it is he has done. The devil I wish an auto[?] would fix him. Well I must seal this & send to office.


As soon as D gets home I will write you.


[1] Her daughter, LaVerne Harris

[2] Her daughter, Leone Harris, and husband, Daniel “D” Harris Jr.

[3] Samuel Boyer

[4] Her youngest daughter, Mildred Harris

[5] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[6] Galesburg, Michigan

[7] Her son, Floyd Harris

[8] Her niece, Winifred Keith, the daughter of James & Cora (Meredith) Keith

[9] Their sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[10] Their brother, James Keith

[11] Believe she is referring to her sister-in-law, Cora (Hogeboom) Harris

[12] Nancy’s daughter, Lela Brown

[13] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[14] Grand Rapids, Michcigan

[15] Nancy’s daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

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