May 23, 1907 letter to Nancy Brown from Louese Harris

May 23, 1907

To: Nancy Brown

From: Louese Harris

Wanted to alert Nancy regarding the money and dress sample she sent to Lela at the office in case Lela wouldn’t be in the office the next day. Also writes down some of Floyd’s poetry.

Scan of 1907-05-23 Louese Harris to Nancy Brown

Thursday 1:40 P.M.[1]

Dear Sister

I’ve just written letter to Lela[2] & enclosed money & sample for 2 yds more of mull. Then thinking that there was a possibility of her not being at the office to morrow (sent Letter to office) thought best to let you know and be sure of it. It is too bad I did not order enough in the first place, but I calculated on goods 1 yd wide and this is only 31 in. so that makes quite a difference. Yours in haste & with love.


Immortality divine,
True life is mine.
Worlds full of sorrow
Can not hinder thine.
Love and enjoy,
Let no trouble annoy.
And lifes milestones of pleasure,
Will ever be thine.

One of some Floyd’s[3] wrote last Sunday.[4]


[1] While the letter was not dated, it would appear that the letter of May 29, 1907 (which was a Wednesday) was in answer to this one

[2] Nancy’s daughter, Lela Brown

[3] Her son, Floyd Harris

[4] See the February 28, 1907 letter where she writes about his poetry

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