May 19, 1907 letter to Lela Brown from Alinda Avery

May 19, 1907

To: Lela Brown, Chicago, IL

From: Alinda Avery, Burlington, IA

Hopes that Lela can give a friend a tour of the company.

Scan of 1907-05-19 Alinda Avery to Lela Brown

Burlington, IA

Sunday May th [1]

My Dear Miss Brown

I have a friend from here who is now over in Lake Forest visiting her sister who is Dean of Women at Lake F. College. She was very anxious to go thru BCCo[2] – especially anxious to see the studios and the art department as she is thinking of going over and taking up the work. She has had considerable training – not _____ commercial line but simply drawing & painting generally.

If you will be kind enough to see that she sees the “plant” I will greatly appreciate it. I don’t know if she wants to speak with Mrs. Buck or not but she seemed so anxious to see the art department that I thot the best way could be to tell you and she said she’d ask for you when she came.

I have just written a note to Miss McCoy. I hope you are keeping well and not allowing old Prof. Cox’s cold waves to freeze you out.

Hoping this will not inconvenience you any and assuring you I’ll appreciate the favor.

Im as ever
Yours Sincerely

Alinda G. Avery

Forgot her name
Miss Carrie Denise
Of Burlington, Ia.


[1] While a date was not given, the postmark on the envelope appears to be May 20, 1907

[2] Barnes, Crosby & Company, where Lela worked with her brother, Claude Brown

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