April 18, 1907 letter to Will Pendleton from Claude Brown

April 18, 1907

To: Will Pendleton

From: Claude Brown, Chicago, IL

His mother is concerned that taxes have not been paid on their Kalamazoo property and is asking Will for help as to what they should do.

Scan of 1907-04-18 Claude Brown to Will Pendleton

Chicago, April 18th, 1907.

Dear Brother Will:-[1]

I have been trying for several days to write to you, but with my new work[2] it has kept me pretty busy, so have neglected it. Mother[3] has worried so about the place[4] that she wrote to the City Treasurer about the taxes and found that the taxes for 1906 have not been paid, I will send you a copy of the letter, Lela[5] has written to the County Treasurer to find out the amount of the State and County tax and will let you know as soon as we hear. Mother is afraid now that Mr. Gage does not intend to keep the place or he would have kept up the taxes at least. If you can find out anything let us know soon, and if you think it better to put him out tell us how to go about it, though we would like to get enough out of him to pay the taxes. If he does stay we think he ought to begin paying rent at once, and pay up what he now owes as fast as he can.

If he does get out what will Mother have to do to have the matter of grading taken up before the council. Let us know at your earliest convenience.

I find my new work very congenial, though it is some harder than the other work, but soppose I will get used to that. Do you think I could help in getting this matter straightened up if I could come to Kalamazoo for a day or two? If so I will try and come whenever you say. We want to come Decoration Day[6] if not before. Give our love to all the folks.



[1] Will was the husband of Claude’s sister-in-law, Caroline (Neumaier) Pendleton, and was in the insurance business in Kalamazoo, Michigan

[2] He was working in the Chicago office of Barnes-Crosby Company, an engraving and illustration company

[3] Nancy (Keith) Brown

[4] In February of 1899 they had moved from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois. Perhaps they still owned the property in Kalamazoo and were renting it out. See October 6, 1905 letter

[5] His sister, Lela Brown

[6] Memorial Day. It was originally called Decoration Day, from the early tradition of decorating graves with flowers, wreaths and flags in remembrance of those who died in service to our country

[7] Even though the letter is not signed, it is clear from the contents that it was written by Claude Brown

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