September 16, 1906 letter to Louese Harris from Dexa Harris

September 16, 1906

To: Louese Harris

From: Dexa Harris, Sacramento, CA

Writes about a vacation she took to various cities in California. Her brother and sister-in-law will be leaving for Vermont next week and will stop in to see Louese.

Scan of 1906-09-16 Dexa Harris to Louese Harris

Sacramento Sept. 16-1906

Dear Lou:-

I dont know who’s turn it is to write, but I have the inclination and a little time, and will try and improve the opportunity. We are all well and busy. O, so busy these days. Trade has been very good since the earth quake. We get our share from San Francisco. I took three weeks vacation went to San F., Oakland and Alameda, and staid a few days at Larkspur a pretty Summer resort, at my friends (Brother in laws cottage). The bay comes up in there like a river, and has low and high tide. We dug clams and went in swimming. Mr Laing and his Sister are regular fish in water. There are thirty (Arcs) or house boats anchored in this water, and people live in them the year around. A wealthy class from San Francisco go back and forth morning and night. It is about one hours ride from the city – by ferry and electric cars. We were three miles from San Quinten, could see the prison plainly. Then after I came home I went up to my mothers[1] for a couple of days and now I am back to hard graft[?] until February. Isabelle[2] had a nice position, works for the John Brunner furniture company in the office. Starr[3] is still with the S. P. Co. and Base Ball every Sunday, is at Grass Valley to-day. Ellsworth and Susie[4] and Susie’s daughter[5] start for Vermont one week from tomorrow. They are going to stop in Michigan for one day to see Belles[6] children and you. I envy her almost. Lou she is one year can be free with, talk and tell her any thing you want to. We think every thing of her. From Mich. they will go to Oneconta to our old home, and then Fairmont and then they will go to N.Y. city, Wash., Philadelphia and come the Southern route home.

Well Isabelle has come home from a bicycle ride in the country so I will rub her down and go to bed. It is the first time she has been on a wheel for three years, and she has been eighteen miles. Hoping you will enjoy the little visit with Ellsworth and Susie.

With love,

Your Sister[7]



[1] Maria (Davis) Strait

[2] Her daughter, Isabelle Harris

[3] Her son, Starr Harris

[4] Her brother and sister-in-law, Ellsworth & Susie (Fay) Herndon Strait

[5] Mabel Faye Herndon

[6] Her sister, Maggie Belle (Strait) Noble

[7] Dexa was actually Louese’s sister-in-law; their husbands were brothers

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