June 26, 1904 letter to Louese Harris from Henry Keith

June 26, 1904

To: Louese Harris, Shelbyville, MI

From: Henry Keith, Berkeley, CA

Is replying to Louese’s letter regarding signing over any interest he has in their parents’ home to Ethan and Hannah. He feels that they deserve it for all they did for them. The rest of the letter is an update on his son, Raymond, who will be going to Cornell University in the fall.

Scan of 1904-06-26 Henry Keith to Louese Harris

Mrs D D Harris

Dear Sister

Your welcome surprise written one week ago to day came duly to hand yesterday morning and I was indeed glad to know that I have at least one sister. I note all you say and in reply I wish to say that I am only too willing to sign over any wright, title or interest that I may (by law) have in the Estate of our parents.[1] Yes I heartily cooperate with you all and am ready and willing to give my interest great or small to Ethan and Hannah[2] for they, and they alone should have all there is in their own right to hold or dispose of just as they choose. I only wish I could add a few hundred to that – for they are deserving having done every thing possible for Pa and Ma and what ever there may be that will add to the comfort and enjoyment of those two. I feel that the rest of us all will be only too pleased in their behalf to see them have it. Beside I would like to have the deed remain in the Keith name at least while Ethan lives. What ever papers there may be requiring my signature do not loose any time in getting them to me as life is uncertain and death is sure. I have been looking for a letter from Ethan for some time but as yet have had no answer to my last. I am not sure wheather I will go East or not this fall but Raymond[3] will leave here about August first for Ithaca N.Y. Will enter Cornell University this fall. I have managed to keep him in school and College for the past three years steady and I have at least three years more. I can say this. I have one of the best boys living, a hard worker and full of ambition anxious to be of some use in life. He is working hard now to earn money to help himself along and with my help. If I can only keep well we will together see him through then he will be in a position to make his way in life and care for his old daddy. He will call and see you on his way and if I should get a position in some mill in N.Y. will go too and remain East while he is there.

Hoping to hear from some one of you soon I remain with love to you all

Your brother
2221½ Center St
Berkeley Cal

June 26


[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr. and Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[2] His half-brother and half-sister, Ethan Keith and Hannah (Keith) Towne

[3] His son, Arthur Raymond Keith

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