October 29, 1902 letter to Nancy Brown from Ethan Keith

October 29, 1902

To: Nancy Brown

From: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

Is writing after returning from a visit and thanks them for everything. He went to Kalamazoo on Monday to sign the patent papers which will be sent to Washington right away.

Scan of 1902-10-29 Ethan Keith to Nancy Brown

Galesburg, Mich.
Oct– 29, 1902.
4.35 P.m.

Dear Sister,

I intended to have begun a letter you earlier but did not find a stopping place in my work before. Have been gathering apples. I arrived at Galesburg Sunday night at 12.20. We were one hour going to Hammond. Will Holmes[1] came on to the train soon after I got there, rode out to Pullman. There was a very thin crowd on the train there must a good many staid in Chicago. I did not sleep any coming home. Bert Kingsley and the Comings boys kept me company from Michigan City. Felt pretty old Monday but would go again. I enjoyed the trip. I saw you all, and know where you live, and how you look. Am very much obliged to you and the girls[2] for what you done for me. Went to Kal–[3] Monday and signed the patent papers[4] and paid them the last of the $45.00. Said they would send the papers to Washington right away. Finished digging potatoes yesterday have got 24½ bushels in the cellar and there are not more than two bushels that are too small to eat. They are real nice and we feel pretty good over them. Hannah[5] says she wont write to Jim[6] about the drum. I told her she had better let it go and not have any trouble so I will send it to him unless you had rather I would not. Ma[7] keeps about the same is just as thirsty as she has been.

Will have to close and do chores.

Love to all



[1] The husband of their half-niece, Ina (Skinner) Holmes

[2] Nancy’s daughters, Lela and Bess Brown

[3] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[4] He was an inventor and had several patents

[5] Their sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[6] Their brother, James Keith

[7] Their mother, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

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