October 12, 1902 letter to Sarah Keith from Harriet Plank

October 12, 1902

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Harriet Plank, Grand Rapids, MI

Harriet Plank is writing Sarah about a visit from Jim Keith and inquiring about the welfare of Sarah’s family. She had greatly enjoyed his visit and hoped that he and his family would come again.

Scan of 1902-10-12 Harriet Plank to Sarah Keith

Grand Rapids Oct 12 1902

My Dear Friend Mrs Kieth & all

I have been talking of writing to you for a long long time. Have said to Carrie[1] I will certainly write to Mrs Kieth this week but the weeks have passed & no letter to my dear friend. The time seems to go so fast & being so lame I get around so slow it takes me so long to do what little I have to do. We had a very pleasant call from Jim.[2] Was very glad to see him & hear from you all. He spoke while here about an excursion the next Sabbath & said he & wife[3] might come & see us as it was dificult to get away on Week day & we intended to tell him when he left to be sure & come & see us but when he left it sliped our minds & we boath spoke of it & we were very sorry. We were visiting so fast what little time he was here that we did not think of it until he had gone & we did not know but that he might think we did not care to have him & family come but no so. We would been very glad to have them come. We were sorry to hear that Dell Skinner[4] was so poorly & hope he is better. Feel anxious to hear how he is & dear friend I think of you so often in your great affliction & confinement, your limbs being so painfull & bad & so cripled with rheumatism. O how thankfull those aught to be that can get out & arround & feel comfortable & you seem so patient with it all. Jim said that Hannah[5] was rushed as much as ever, dear girl. I hope she will not always have to work so hard but that she will get well enough off to have a rest after a while but I know while you are a working for others it is hard to favor your self. This is what Carrie often says. O how I wish I could feel that I did not have to tody to others. I think I would enjoy such a feeling. But I tell her I suppose we aught to be thankfull we have health to do what is necessary that we should do. This has seemed like a strange summer. I hardly know where it has gone. My sister was with me over four weeks.

Did Nancy[6] ever get the letter I wrote her after Henrys[7] death? Remember us in love to her & family. I soften think of you all & would like so much to see you. I suppose Ethan[8] is as busy as ever thinking out things & doing. How Mary[9] did enjoy that visit with him & Hannah & all & I often think what a pleasant visit we had. Jim said his Father[10] seemed quite well for one of his age. Your friends here are all well & I think I would be if my rheumatism did not trouble me so much. I do not get out much of any. Now dear friend do not wait as I have for I do wanto hear from you so much. Remember us in love to Louis[11] & __ell & all other friends, Mrs Yoard encluded & accept a large share for your selves.

Carrie wishes to be remembered in love to you all & as ever I remain your old & cincere friend.

Mrs H Plank


[1] Harriet’s daughter, Caroline Plank

[2] Sarah’s son, James Keith

[3] Cora (Meredith) Keith

[4] Adelbert Skinner, who was the husband of Lois Keith, daughter of Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr., by his first wife, Minerva Payson

[5] Sarah’s daughter, Hannah (Keith) Towne, who was a seamstress

[6] Sarah’s daughter, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[7] Nancy’s husband, Henry Brown, who died May 22, 1901

[8] Sarah’s son, Ethan Keith, who was an inventor

[9] Harriet’s daughter, Mary (Plank) Skeels

[10] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr., who would turn 89 on October 15

[11] Family and friends very often spelled Lois’ name this way

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