July 29, 1902 letter to Cora Keith from Edna Clark

July 29, 1902                           

 To: Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

 From: Edna Clark, Jackson, MI

Is sending Winifred’s doll’s bonnet that her mother made “last November when she was lying in the bed.” Mother and Helen Katharine have gone visiting and she is left to get dinner for the boys and father.

Scan of 1902-07-29 Edna Clark to Cora Keith

218 Grove Ave.
Jackson, Mich.

July 29. 1902.

Dear Aunt Cora:-

At last I am going to send you Winifred’s[1] doll’s bonnet. It has been a long time getting started and I do hope that it will fit the doll now that she has got it. Tell Winifred that mother[2] made it last November when she was lying in the bed.

We are all usually well here. Mother and Helen Katharine[3] have gone visiting and I am left to get dinner for the boys[4] and father.[5]

Again hoping the bonnet will be all right.

I am your loving niece[6]



[1] Cora’s daughter, Winifred Keith

[2] Clara (Youngs) Clark

[3] Edna’s baby sister, born April 24, 1902, who died March 27, 1903

[4] Ethan, Byron, Frank and Howard Clark

[5] Charles Ira Clark

[6] Edna’s grandmother was Lois (Keith) Clark, who was a half-sister of Cora’s husband, James Keith

[7] The 1900 Census shows Edna living with her parents and siblings at 218 Grove Avenue in Jackson, Michigan

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