March 6, 1902 letter to Cora Keith from Malvina Meredith

March 6, 1902

To: Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Malvina Meredith, Shelbyville, MI

Pa had all his teeth out yesterday. They had been aching for a week and he couldn’t sleep or eat. He had 14 pulled and is having new ones made. He says he is going to shave off his whiskers when he gets his new teeth. Tells of quite a few recent marriages. Wishes Winnie and Walter could come a week from Sunday as they could watch some chickens hatch.

Scan of 1902-03-06 Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith 

Shelbyville March. 6, 1902

Dear Daughter

I have been trying for the last week to get time to answer your letter but thare has been so many here and we have had so much to do that I could not get time. We done our own washing and ironing this week for the first time since last July. I thought I could not afford to hire it done after Bowen went away but the other blacksmith is boarding here now but I dont know how long he will stay for he is a married man and if he cant get a house to live in he wont work here. He is Bill Stockdales son from Wayland. Pa[1] had all of his teeth out yesterday. A Dentist from Kalamazoo comes up here evry day this week so far and has all the work he can do. Pa had fourteen out. You know how bad his teeth was and they had been acheing for a week and the Dentist came in here yesterday morning and Pa,s teeth was acheing and he had not slept much all night and could not eat any breakfast and his head ached and he was just about sick and as cross as a bear and Josie[2] told him he had better have them out for thare was a Dentist in the siting room and he walked right in thare and he looked his teeth and in less than half an hour he had them all out. Josie said she expected Pa would snap her head of for saying any thing to the Dentist about his teeth but he never said a word and what do you think of it he is going to have some new ones made upper and under set and he says he is going to shave of his whiskers when he gets his new teeth so if you dont come home pretty soon you wont know him. He is feeling better to day than I expected he would. He is in the woods helping get logs. He has another barn bill to get out for Freem Harding. He has just sawed out one for Charley Morrell. He has bought the Delbert Wheeler farm and is going to build a big barn on it this spring. Pa sold some land yesterday that twenty over by Angells. He sold it to Charley West for three hundred and fifty dollars. Mr Doxey made out the Deed yesterday. I guess we are not going to have any sugar weather this spring for it is more like April than March. It is lovely weather. You need not get me any Curtains for I have got go to Grand Rapids to get my Stair Carpet and I can get them thare. Jack has his sale Saturday and I hear he has bought the place whare Warren Skutt lives and will run the Livery buisness just the same as before. Thare will be great moveing times in this little place this spring. Harry Kimels has moved out of town on to Richard Glenns place. It is not far but we wont see Fanny chasing after Fred Doxey and Bowen any more. Well I guess I will have to stop and get dinner. We will have ham and eggs. I have baked six big loavs of bread this morning and I wish Mr Hiner[3] had a loaf of it for his dinner for it is lovely.

Well dinner is over and I will try and finish this letter so it can go out on the three oclock train. Fred[4] was over a little while last evening. He did not know that Darl Mapes was Married untill Josie showed it to him in the paper. He says he dont see how he can support a wife for he cant take care of himselfe. He borrowed twenty dollars of Fred when he first went to Chicago and he has never got it and never expects to. Guy[5] is going to be married soon.[6] He has rented his Grandma Deans[7] farm and his Father[8] has bought him a team. Fred Buskirk run away from home and got Married one day last week. He married a girl from Martin, Iva Hooper and they went to Lansing. I guess his people feel pretty bad about it. We laugh at LaVern about it. She always thought Fred was about right. Josie and Marian[9] are making sofa pillow covers. They are made on huckabuck and are worked with sand silk and are called ocean wave work. Marian is yellow and black and Josies is pink and green. Tell Winnie and Walter[10] I wish they could be here a week from Sunday then Johns Wooden hen hatches and thare is a glass door in front and they could see them hatch. Flora[11] is back here ready to go back to Galesburg any time. I want to send to you to get some linnen lace for some fine linnen handkerchiefs. I have made nine and they will take about a yard and a half a piece and I want five yards of insertion like you got for Marian. You can get it Montgomery Wards for ten cts. I will send the money the next time I write and you can bring it when you come. I will quit for this time so good by with love to all.

From your loving Mother


[1] Walter “Burton” Meredith

[2] Her daughter, Josephine Meredith

[3] John Z. Heiner, a friend and/or co-worker of Cora’s husband Jim when he lived in Chicago, and who lived with or near Jim and Cora when they moved back to Michigan

[4] Presume this is Fred Dean, whom Josie married on October 22, 1902

[5] Fred Dean’s brother, Guy Dean

[6] Guy married Jessie Ward April 16, 1902

[7] Sylvia (Sage) Dean

[8] George Dean

[9] Her daughter, Marion Meredith

[10] Cora’s children, Winifred and Walter Keith

[11] There are several letters regarding Flora; see the “Saga of Flora the Horse” following Malvina Meredith’s 10-04-1901 letter

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