February 23, 1902 letter to Cora Keith from Malvina Meredith

February 23, 1902

To: Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Malvina Meredith, Shelbyville, MI

Walter had to take Flora back because Mr. Bowen got in trouble with Harry Kinnell’s wife and had to skip town, so Hannah can have her back any time. If Jim and Cora move back in March or April, Pa will put in the oats and grass seed. Their cow doesn’t give milk yet, but will by the time they get there. Malvina bought a milk pail, pans and strainer and John has the chickens sorted and they are beginning to lay. John has an incubator and filled it today with 50 eggs so in three weeks there will be little chicks.

Scan of 1902-02-23 Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith

Shelbyville Feb 23, 1902

Dear Daughter

I have been trying for a week to get time to write to you but I have been feeling so mean I could not write. I tried to get the girls[1] to write but they said you owed them two or three letters apiece now. The barrell came a week ago last Thursday and evry thing was all right except one of the hinges on the stove was broken and I did not know whether it was broken coming or before you sent it. We have not used it yet for it has not been cold enough to need it since it came. We have not got the measure of those windows yet for Pan Tussles have not got out of the house yet but I should think they ware about the length of our dining room windows. Tell Jim[2] Pa[3] had to take Flora[4] back for Bowen got in to trouble with Harry Kimells wife and had to skip out so Hannah[5] can have her any time. Pa says you could do just as you like about coming in March or April. He will put in the oats and sow the grass seed. Your cow does not give milk yet but will by the time you get here. I bought you a milk pail and am going to get some pans and a milk strainer and you will be all ready for buisness. John[6] has your chickens sorted out and they are beginning to lay. John has an Incubator and he has filled it to day and got it started so I suppose three weeks from to day we will little chicks if nothing happens. It only holds fifty eggs. Pa started the mill last Thursday to saw out Mr Morrells barn timber. They will finish it Monday and Tuesday and wont saw any more untill it gets warmer. Fred has not been here to day for a wonder. He was up to the dance Friday night to the Woodman Hall. Marian went but Josie has not been to any of them this winter. The girls want you to send Winnie[7] out here with the Dr. this week if he comes home that way so she can begin with the spring term of school. The winter term has three weeks yet and the Teacher thinks she wont have any vacation not more than a week any way. Tell Mr Hiner[8] Marian got the Chicago American last week for the first time in four or five weeks. Well I guess I will close for I am getting sleepy and I will have to be the first one up for Jim has to Kazoo, so good night.

With love to all from your loving Mother

I will send five dollars for you to get your curtains with and if I can get some more before you come home I will send it to get me some but I think it will be doubtfull for I wont have any boarder to get any from. We will try and get the measure of those windows before I write again. I hope this will find you all well.

From Mother

Tell Mr Hiner we will look for him to stay a month this summer.


[1] Her daughters, Josephine and Marion Meredith

[2] Cora’s husband, James Keith

[3] Her husband, Walter “Burton” Meredith

[4] There are several letters regarding Flora; see the “Saga of Flora the Horse” following Malvina Meredith’s 10-04-1901 letter

[5] Hannah (Keith) Towne, Jim Keith’s sister

[6] Her son, John Evans Meredith

[7] Cora’s daughter, Winifred Keith

[8] John Z. Heiner, a friend and/or co-worker of Jim’s when he lived in Chicago and who lived with or near Jim and Cora when they moved back to Michigan

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