February 14, 1902 letter to James Keith from Hannah Towne

February 14, 1902

To: James Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Hannah Towne, Galesburg, MI

More correspondence about Flora the horse. Hannah knows more about Flora than Jim does. She would rather go without the money than have Flora go through another summer like last in regard to her breathing. Mr. Bowen can keep her till June and if she “don’t have the heaves” then he can pay for her, otherwise Jim should kill her, but “don’t take her hide off and sell it for a dollar.” Hannah thinks Jim’s health will be better if he does move back to Shelbyville and expects them home before they “go to house keeping.”

Scan of 1902-02-14 Hannah Towne to James Keith

Galesburg Feb. 14. 1902

Dear Brother

Received your letter last evening. Will answer it right away. Now about Flora.[1] When Lou[2] wrote she said she had been told that Burt[3] had done just what he said he would do and that was to sell Flora. He was to get twenty dollars for her and take it out in black smithing.

It fired me and would you if you had been in my place. I know more about her than you do. I had rather go with out the fifteen dollars than to know she had got to go through with what she did last summer in regard to her breathing than be sold from one man to an other and be pounded around. Now I will tell you what I think. Let Mr Bowen keep her till June and if she dont have the heaves then let him pay for her, but if she does have them you can kill her and bury her but dont take her hide off and sell it for a dollar.

You wrote as if you thought I did not have any sympathy for you but I have got as much as any one and would do as much for you as any one and I am doing some things that you might have to _____ in and help do if it was not for me but that is all right. When you have the asthma awful bad you can lay off but a horse is in a mans power and some havent the reason of a dog.

About your going to Shelbyville. I have said all the time that I thought your health would be better and I think it is very kind in Mr Meridith[4] to give you such a chance but what I ment Burt may think you are treading on his toes for I know what Cora[5] has always said about him the way he treats her some times. I dont calculate to interfere with your business and I hope every thing will be all right and I guess it will be.

We will expect you all home[6] be fore you go to house keeping.

Now if I have said any thing I am sorry for I am willing to be forgiven. Nancy[7] goes to Shelbyville to morrow, goes home some time next week. I must go to work.

Good bye with love from your sister

Hannah Minerva Towne

Ma[8] will answer Winnies[9] letter soon. We all think it was nice and will keep it to show to her when she gets to be a young lady.



[1] There are several letters regarding Flora; see the “Saga of Flora the Horse” following Malvina Meredith’s 10-04-1901 letter

[2] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[3] Walter Burton “Bert” Meredith Jr, brother of Jim’s wife Cora

[4] Walter “Burton” Meredith, Cora’s father

[5] Jim’s wife, Cora (Meredith) Keith

[6] She is referring to the family farm where she and her brothers and sisters grew up and where she and her brother Ethan were then living

[7] Their sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[8] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[9] Jim’s daughter, Winifred Keith

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