February 5, 1902 letter to James & Cora Keith from Hannah Towne

February 5, 1902    

To: James & Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Hannah Towne, Galesburg, MI

Hannah is writing to let Jim and Cora know how upset she is that Cora gave Flora to Bert to sell her. She considers Flora her horse more than anyone else since they never paid her anything for her. She also advises them to keep the letter Mrs. Meredith sent them about coming back to Shelbyville and to do whatever Mrs. and Mrs. Meredith tell them to do, but not to listen to Bert. She knows more than they think she does.

Scan of 1902-02-05 Hannah Towne to James Keith 

Galesburg Feb 5, 1902

Mr & Mrs Keith

Dear Brother & Sister

We[1] have just got a letter from Luo[2] and she says Cora gave Burt[3] _______ to sell Flora.[4] Now I want to know if he know whose horse he is selling. You know I never wanted her to go off from this place and you and Cora said she could go up there and be all right and now she is sold but I would smile to see that blacksmith or any one else keep her if I had the money to take an officer up there with me. I never asked Mr Meridith[5] to keep her and I dont blame him for not wanting to keep her any longer but I think I had ought to have been consulted in the matter for you both know how I feel and as long as you had never paid me any thing I consider her as much mine as yours and a little bit more. The money dont cut any figure with me it is my feelings and I supposed you would keep her and if she could not be used or raise colts you would bury her but now she is trading property and if you think I feel good you are mistaken.

Good bye


P.S. I will give you a little advice. Keep the letter Mrs Meridith wrote you[6] about coming there for you may need it. And when you get there do just as Mr & Mrs W Meridith tells you to do for they are all right but dont listen to Burt. I know more than you think I do.



[1] Hannah lived with her brother Ethan in the family home

[2] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[3] Cora’s brother, Walter Burton “Bert” Meredith Jr.

[4] There are several letters regarding Flora; see the “Saga of Flora the Horse” following Malvina Meredith’s 10-04-1901 letter

[5] Cora’s father, Walter “Burton” Meredith

[6] See January 15, 1902 letter

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