January 27, 1902 letter to Cora Keith from Malvina Meredith

January 27, 1902 

To: Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

 From: Malvina Meredith, Shelbyville, MI

 Has not been able to write because of sickness, company and family illnesses. Pa wants to sell Flora to Mr. Bowen for $25.00. The children can hardly wait for spring and Hilda is anxious for Winnie to go to school with her.

Scan of 1902-01-27 Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith

Shelbyville Jan 27, 1902

Dear Daughter and family

I have been trying to get around to write to you for two or three days but Friday I was sick in bed all day with neuraliga in my head and Saturday I had so much to do I could not get time and Sunday we had a house full of company so I could not write and Josie[1] has been feeling so bad lately that I have been worried about her. I was afraid she was going to have Pneumonia she had such a pain in her Lungs but I put on raw onions and rubbed her with Mrs Doxeys oil and she takes it evry night and takes the hot water bag and lays that on her lungs and she is getting better and Grandma[2] is not very well. She has been having a time with the shoulders ache and she did not want to put mustard on so we rubbed them with Turpentine and sweet oil and it finaly left but she is having trouble with her heart and head now. We have been having lovely weather here untill to day. We have had a regular blizzard and it is terrible cold to night and we have a man stopping all night that has driven from ten miles the other side of Grand Rapids in the storm. Now Jim[3] Pa[4] wants me to ask you if you dont want to sell Flora.[5] Mr Bowen will give twenty five dollars for her and Pa thinks the money will do you more good than the horse for Cora cant never drive her. She is a terrible kicker to turn her out with other horses or cattle and she kicked Jim on the hand in the barn one day last week and he has a bad hand yet. Pa says thare will be plenty horses on the place so you wont lack for a horse when you want one and evry one says she cant never be got with foal she has the heaves so bad. You write and let Pa know as soon as you get this. The children cant hardley wait for spring to come. Hilda[6] is anxious for Winnie[7] to go to school with her. They all went to day in the storm. Old Mr Callward[8] died a week ago yesterday and so did old Mrs Gibbes.[9] Thare is quite a good many sick. Mrs Edd Brabon is very sick with the Measles. You know they live on the old Brabon place south of Gurleys. Our Teacher has never had them and she is afraid she will get them. I will close for this time. With love to all.

From your loving Mother

Mrs Walter Meredith

Tell Mr Hiner[10] that Pa was out to Hartford a couple days last week to get the money for his little Indian boys. They got another $100 apiece. Guy said Fred was coming home today or tomorrow. Cora if you will let me know how much those slippers cost I will send the money to get John[11] another pair. He gave the other ones to Bert.[12]


[1] Her daughter, Josephine Meredith

[2] Her mother, Charlana (Adams) Johnson

[3] Cora’s husband, James Keith

[4] Her husband, Walter “Burton” Meredith

[5] There are several letters regarding Flora; see “Saga of Flora the Horse” following Malvina’s 10-04-1901 letter

[6] Her granddaughter, Hilda Meredith, daughter of Walter “Bert” and Ida (Curie) Meredith Jr.

[7] Cora’s daughter, Winifred Keith

[8] Michigan death records show that John James Calleward died in Martin, Allegan County, Michigan on January 19, 1902

[9] Michigan death records show that Harriet (Pierce) Gibbs died in Watson, Allegan County, Michigan on January 19, 1902

[10] John Z. Heiner, a friend and/or co-worker of Jim’s when he lived in Chicago and who lived with or near Jim and Cora when they moved back to Michigan

[11] Her son, John Evans Meredith

[12] Her son, Walter Burton Meredith Jr.

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