December 12, 1901 letter to Louese Harris from Sarah Keith

December 12, 1901

To: Louese Harris, Shelbyville, MI

From: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

Edie will be coming for Christmas and Nancy is hoping to send Christmas presents with her. She writes to Mildred that Ethan brought a kitten without a tail into the house and it was scared to death. Pa’s eye seems to be better. Walter does not look well or seem strong.

Scan of 1901-12-12 Sarah Keith to Louese Harris

Galesburg Dec 12 /01

Dear Lou

We are going to have potoe soup, tapioca pudding and enough of other things to make out our dinner. Hannahs work[1] crowds her. She has Ida B helping her afew days. Cold and windy but pleasent today. Seems good to see the sun. Hannah is baking bread with other things she has to do keeping work ready for the girls. All together she has to keep on the jump. Got a letter from Nancie[2] Sat eve she said Edie[3] was coming home[4] Christmas. She was going to send some Christmas presents by her. She wanted Ethen[5] to meet her at the depot or come to Mrs Neumaiers[6] the next day and get them. Claud[7] and Edie are going to Nancies to dinner. Presume she will leave Chicago on the three oclock train. Nancie will write and let us know. Ethen or Hannah will go down. He will go if her work will let her. If she goes she will not go till the 26. If you could come to Kal–[8] when one of them goes to Kal. Mildred,[9] Uncle Ethen just brought one of the kittens that has no tail to the house. He was most scart to death. I guess if it had been pleasent last Sunday Dell and Lois[10] would made you a visit. Hannah has no sleeve pattern such as you spoke of but will cut one this afternoon if she can get time. She expect three or four this afternoon. If she cannot cut it today will send it to the Burg[11] tomorrow eve. Nancy said Jim and Walter[12] were thare last week. Jim was not able to work. Walter did not look well does not seem strong. Your pas[13] eye I think is better. I am making your pas shirts. Will stop writing and git to sewing.


Thursday moring

Thought to send this by Carrie last eve. Went to the drawer to get an envelope was not any there. Ida brought me some this morning. Hope to send this today.



[1] Her daughter, Hannah (Keith) Towne, who was a seamstress

[2] Her daughter, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[3] Nancy’s daughter-in-law, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[4] “Coming home” was the family’s way of referring to the family home in Comstock/Galesburg, Michigan

[5] Her son, Ethan Keith

[6] Edie’s mother, Valentina (Seifert) Neumaier

[7] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[8] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[9] Louese’s daughter, Mildred Harris

[10] Adelbert & Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner. Lois was her step-daughter

[11] Galesburg

[12] Her son and grandson, James and Walter Keith

[13] Her husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

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