December 7, 1901 letter to Cora Keith from Grace Carleton

December 7, 1901

To: Cora Keith, Chicago, IL

From: Grace Carleton, Kalamazoo, MI

Has tried to write several times but gave up in despair. Josie is coming for a visit. It will be a sad place for her to come to, but they are anxious to see her and it will do Grace’s mother good. Grace has a beautiful picture of Roy. It is hard for her to believe he is gone. She thinks he had a bright future.

Scan of 1901-12-07 Grace Carleton to Cora Keith

Kalamazoo Dec 7, 1901

Mrs J Keith.
Chicago Ill.

Dear Friend Cora: –

I am realy ashamed of myself for not writing sooner. I have often thought of you and the rest of your family, but Cora you havent any idea what a task it is to write. I have commenced two or three different letters to you and would give up in dispair.

I thank you many times for the nice pins. I think them very nice, and am very glad that mine is like Josie’s.[1] I had a letter from her last week and she is coming to visit us in the near future poor girl, it will be a very sad place for her to come to visit but Cora we are all anxious to see her. She seems like one of the family and it will do Ma[2] so much good for it is very lonely for her. I go home often but can not be there all the while.

Ma was going to Harvey on that last excursion but she gave it up and thought it best to wait until spring and I think it was best as it would only bring back everything afresh. Pa[3] is very busy now he has no hired man and is doing his work alone, but he is expecting to get a man soon. I often think of the “Policeman” and wish I could see him and hug him good he is such a sweet little fellow.[4] You give him a big kiss for me and Winnie[5] also. I suppose she goes to school all the while.

It is raining hard tonight and acts as if it might continue for sometime.

I am waiting for Ernest[6] to finish his work so we can go home.

It is Tuesday eve and I will try and finish my letter.

Pa was taken sick Sunday night with a pain in his bowels. Yesterday Ernest and I went over there and stayed all night with them. He had a fever and chills, but he is much better today.

I tell you Cora it frightened me to have him sick. I am so nervous anyway that I can hardly control myself if I get frightened, and I can hardly write so please excuse this poor excuse of a letter.

We have a beautiful picture of Roy[7] it is gust like life. It does not seem as if he was gone does it Cora? Do you know I have thought, well I must write something to Roy and then it will come over me as if something struck me but we must try and become reconciled to it and think that he is much happier than if he was back in this world of sorrow and trouble and I think if any one had a bright future it was him poor boy. He came home feeling so good not know what was so near to him.

I will be so glad when Christmas is over. Everyone is talking about buying presents and I can not bear to think of it. I guess I must close now as I have some work to do before I go to bed.

Remember me to Jim[8] and Mr Hiner[9] and also to Henery when you see him and tell him that we are going to send him a picture of the flowers like yours. Will you please ask him what his address is and send it when you write?

Hoping this will find you well.

Your Loving Friend


Mrs E. R. Carleton
Box 773.

Kiss Walter & Winnie for me.


[1] Cora’s sister, Josephine Meredith

[2] Anna (Meerdink) Field

[3] Loren Field

[4] Cora’s son, Walter Keith

[5] Cora’s daughter, Winifred Keith

[6] Grace’s husband, Ernest Carleton

[7] Grace’s brother, Leroy Field, who apparently was Josie’s boyfriend. He died November 10, 1901, at the age of 21

[8] Cora’s husband, James Keith

[9] John Z. Heiner, a friend and/or co-worker of Jim’s when they lived in Chicago and who lived with or near Jim and Cora when they moved back to Michigan

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