December 2, 1901 letter to Cora Keith from Walter Meredith

December 2, 1901

To: Cora Keith

From: Walter Meredith, Shelbyville, MI

 When he got home he could not find the money that he was looking for. He must have lost it. He hopes to come out this winter.

Scan of 1901-12-02 Walter Meredith to Cora Keith

Shelbyville Dec. 2 1901

Dear Daughter and all[1]

I will write you a few lines. When I got home I looked evry whare and did not find that money. I must Put it in to envelops and lost one. Thare could be no other way. I will send fred the $5.00 that I got of him. I am coming out if I can some time this winter. Hoping this will find all well. We will send another box when we butcher.

From your Father



[1] Cora (Meredith) Keith and family

[2] Walter Meredith

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