September 18, 1901 letter to Nancy Brown from Sarah Keith and Hannah Towne

September 18, 1901

To: Nancy Brown

From: Sarah Keith and Hannah Towne

Hannah is hoping to go to Chicago on the 28th and stay until the following Thursday. Luke had trouble with his stomach – ate too many peaches and grapes. Mrs. Roymont has gone insane and wants to kill somebody.

My dear Girl –[1]

Two p.m. will write a few lines this afternoon. We got your Letter yesterday morning. Looked for Claude and Eda,[2] they have not come yet. Have put the stocking on, think it holds my leg so it does not hurt my leg to step on my foot as it did. It is a nice stocking. Hannah asked Ethan[3] if he could do the work from Sunday till Thursday if she went to Chicago a week from Sunday. Will Clark[4] said he did not believe there would be an excursion then so I do not know. Ethan would do the work. Grampa[5] had quite a bad spell with his stomach yesterday. Ethan and Hannah rubed and pounded him gave him peppermint quite a while before he got over it. Guess he ate to many peaches and grapes. He cannot deny himself. Will is over here. Dell[6] is in the store. Strange is it not that Aaron[7] should have the asthma whenever he comes to Shelbyville.[8] If I was in his place I would keep clear of that place. We have twenty one quarts of peaches canned. D[9] sent us two bushels one bushel not very nice. D said Lou[10] made a mistake and sent the wrong bushel. I am satisfied with them. I do hope Hannah can go to Chicago. Mrs Roymont [Raymond?] has gone insane. She wants to kill somebody. I have not anything new to write. No rain yet. Tom Ford is not coming this winter he can do better there than here. I am glad of one thing he writes to his grandmother[11] that pleases her. Ethan writes all the time but does not get over his bad feeling. I think I told you he got poisoned with ivy cutting weeds along the fence by the hill. He thought he was very careful. I told him he had better let it go than get poisened. I will not say anthing about the Dr.[12] I cannot hardly see to write.  Perhaps you can read a little and guess of the rest. Such crooked lines. Hannah is going to write some, so I will quit.

Good bye,


Have looked this over am ashamed to send it. Do not know as I would do better if I should try so will send it.


I will say like this if there is an excursion on the 28th I will try and go and stay until the next Thursday. I am working as hard as I can to get all done that has to be.

I thought you would help pay my way back if I made Bessies[13] suit. If anything happens that I cannot go or if they dont have an excursion I will let you know by the middle of the week. If you have engaged that woman to make it let me know then I wont go till later in the season. Ma is awful bad I think grows worse dont see how she can stand it very long like this. The rest of us are about the same I am feeling pretty good.

I must go to work. I have got a bowl of cheese down cellar I made at noon. Thought C & E[14] would be here for supper but guess not since it is to late.



[1] Taken from an earlier transcription; location of original letter is unknown

[2] Nancy’s son and his wife, Claude & Edith “Eda” (Neumaier) Brown

[3] Her daughter and son, Hannah (Keith) Towne and Ethan Keith

[4] Her step-grandson

[5] Her husband, Charles “Luke” Keith Jr.

[6] Her stepson-in-law, Adelbert Skinner

[7] Aaron Hogeboom, the future husband of Cora Harris who was the sister of D Harris (see footnote #8)

[8] Shelbyville, Michigan

[9] Her son-in-law, Daniel D. Harris Jr., known simply as “D”

[10] Her daughter, Louese (Keith) Harris

[11] Believe she is referring to her neighbor, Adelia (Tompkins) Ford, whose grandson was Thomas Ford

[12] Believe she is referring to Samuel Boyer, who was the fiancé of Nancy’s daughter, Lela Brown

[13] Nancy’s daughter, Bess Brown

[14] Claude and Eda

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