June 12, 1901 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Brown

June 12, 1901                             

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI                

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

Writes how everything is so strange and nothing is right since Henry’s death. It has been three weeks since he died.

Scan of 1901-06-12 Nancy Brown to Sarah Keith

Wednesday morning

Dear ones all

Ma[1] your letter with Mrs Planks[2] came this morning. I’m so sorry we have not written before. Claude[3] & the girls[4] are so busy every minute and I dont want to be selfish & only think of myself but its so hard to set down and hold my self to write. I wrote to Lou[5] and told her to send it to you. Every thing is so strange and nothing right. I cant do any thing as I ought. The children are so good and thoughtful. Eda[6] as well as the others. She does any thing to make it easy for us. I dont know just when they will go home but not before the next week and then will be here more or less after that. Claude will be administrator when its settled. Dont know when that will be. So much to go through with we cant get any thing from Hillmans. We cant pay rents or any bills. Manage to get enough from Rudy to live on with Claudes help but as they say they have to live any way. Mother[7] is to Wills.[8] Lizzie[9] told me Will expected to keep her now but she can come home if she wants to as soon as we can have her. Cora[10] & children[11] were here Sat. Jim[12] came from work. Aaron[13] was also here, came about three, stayed all the evening. He likes Chicago now dont want to go back.

How long the days and nights are. Only three weeks since H.A.[14] went away. It seems years since I’ve seen him. Seems some times as if I never can stand it not to see him. I dont sleep very well. Heard the clock strike every hour last night. I just live it all over & over again, from the begining of his sickness to the grave at Oak Grove. I think it was nice of Mr & Mrs Blake to do what they did for us. I hope Flora is better, Ethan[15] & all of you. I dont see why Ds[16] leg dont heal. I dont want Lou to leave him & come here till he is better. I wont write any more now as you have probly got Lous letter. If you want to know any thing special write it for I cant think very well and I know you are anxious to know all about us.

With love



[1] Her mother, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[2] Family friend, Harriet (Groat) Plank

[3] Her son, Claude Brown

[4] Her daughters, Lela and Bess Brown

[5] Her sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[6] Claude’s wife, Edith “Eda” (Neumaier) Brown

[7] Her mother-in-law, Matilda (Allen) Brown

[8] Her brother-in-law, Willis Brown

[9] Willis’ wife, Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown

[10] Her sister-in-law, Cora (Meredith) Keith, wife of James Keith

[11] Winifred & Walter Keith

[12] Her brother, James Keith

[13] Aaron Hogeboom, who was the boyfriend of Cora Harris, the sister of Nancy’s brother-in-law, D.D. Harris

[14] Her husband, Henry Brown. The H.A. stands for Henry Ambrose. He died May 22, 1901

[15] Her brother, Ethan Keith

[16] Her brother-in-law, Daniel D. (also known as D.D. or D.) Harris, husband of Louese (Keith) Harris

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