Nancy Brown’s diary entries for 1901

Nancy’s handwriting is extremely hard to read, especially names.

Scan of 1901 Diary of Nancy Brown

Apr 10 – Lou & Mildred[1] to Pas[2] to day.

Apr 11 – Aaron[3] came to Jims[4] to day.

Apr 13 – Pedro club[5] met at Eda. Lela[6] got pencil, H.A.[7] & Bess[8] booties (Pigs).

Apr 14 – Aaron here to day also Fannie Chandler.

Apr 15 – I went to Claudes.[9] Fannie C– here this P.M.

Apr 16 – Came home this P.M. Eda & I called at Mr Randalls. Lela & I to Mr Davis this Eve to get syrup.

Apr 17 – I went to Mrs La Rues this A.M.

Apr 18 – Julius[10] took us all to Ringling Bros circus this eving.

Apr 19 – H.A., Lela & I to Wills[11] this eve to see Mrs Gifford. She goes next to line.

Apr 20 – Julius took girls & I to T– Concerts the last of the season.

Apr 21 – Bess & Lela helped at gallery. Mrs & Mrs Alexander called.

Apr 22 – Bess here Lela at Hellens made curtains. Eda[12] & Claude here. Bess gone Eda double doll[?] for Harold.

Apr 23 – Lela at Hills. Jim & Aaron here to lunch. Jim bought 14½ lbs maple sugar 12 pr pound.

Apr 25 – Fannie C– came this P.M. brought a friend Miss Haven. Bess & Mary to Lills to supper.

Apr 26 – Mary & Julius stayed all night. They & Bess went fishing[?] this A.M. Got a letter from Ma.[13]

Apr 27 – Claude moved to Prairie Ave yesterday from 53rd St.

Apr 28 – Lela & Bess to Will Clarks[14] to day.

Apr 29 – Lela got a new hat – a Gains brough “

Apr 30 – Jay Harris[15] called is on his way to California.

May 1 – Uncle D. C. Crawford died in Denver Colorado.[16]

May 2 – Lizzie, Coraline, Edna & Clara here. Also Jim & Aaron. Aaron begins work on west side trains.

May 3 – Lela down town all day with Edna & Clara. They stay here tonight.

May 4 – I went down town with Clara & Edna. We went to Claudes to supper.

May 5 – Clara & Edna went to North side this A.M.

May 6 – Clara & Edna went home this p.m.

May 9 – Lela & Bess had picture this A.M. Bess goes to Mich to night. H.A. & I went to boat with her.

May 11 – Pedro club at Mr ____. A. got scarf prise. Cora[17] said Ina[18] had gone to Mich been sent for.

May 12 – I went to Will Clarks had dinner at Jims. Uncle Hi[19] here said Uncle D.C. was dead.

May 13 – Lizzie & Coraline here. Said Will had been sent for. I bought me a silk waist.

May 14 – Eda & Claude here.

May 15 – H.A. sick all night. Had Dr Burwash this A.M.

May 17 – H.A. very sick could not lay down.

May 18 – Claude & Eda here also Aaron.

May 19 – H.A. some better. Jims folks over a while. Mr Field & Grace[20] came to see Roy.[21]

May 20 – Julius started for Mich via S.H.[22] Dr fearful H.A. will have run of fever.[23]


Minnie Crandall died sometime in November 1900

Mary Harris Hiff died sometime in October 1900


[1] Her sister and niece, Louese (Keith) Harris and Mildred Harris

[2] Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[3] Aaron Hogeboom, the future husband of Cora Harris, who was Louese’s sister-in-law

[4] Her brother, James Keith

[5] Pedreaux (pronounced “peedro”) was an American trick-taking card game of the All Fours family. Developed in Denver, Colorado, in the 1880s, it was soon regarded as the most important member of the All Fours family although it went out of fashion with the rise of Auction Bridge

[6] Her daughter, Lela Brown

[7] Her husband, Henry Brown

[8] Her daughter, Bess Brown

[9] Her son, Claude Brown

[10] Bess’ boyfriend, Julius Recoschewitz

[11] Her brother-in-law, Willis Brown

[12] Claude’s wife, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[13] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[14] Her half-nephew, William Clark

[15] Her sister Louese’s brother-in-law

[16] Her mother’s brother, David Caleb Crawford

[17] Her sister-in-law, Cora (Meredith) Keith

[18] Her half-niece, Ina (Skinner) Holmes

[19] Her mother’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[20] Loren Field and his daughter, Grace (Field) Carlton

[21] Loren Field’s son, Leroy, who was ill and staying with Jim & Cora Keith, and was the boyfriend of Cora’s sister, Josephine Meredith. He died August 10, 1901 from pneumonia

[22] South Haven, Michigan

[23] He died May 22, 1901

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