March 16, 1901 Letter to Cora Keith from Malvina Meredith

March 16, 1901                 

To: Cora Keith

From: Malvina Meredith, Shelbyville, MI

Uncle Evans fell and broke his arm. Aunt Lorinda was going to come for Grandma’s birthday but probably won’t come now. Gives details of different people moving. Little Walter’s picture looks so funny with his eyes all squinted up, but he looks cute on his sled with his horse hitched up. Their little dog Fan was very sick and they thought she would choke to death, but Doc gave her some pills and she began to get better right away. Would like Cora to check at her butter store to see if they still have “those pink dishes.” If so, she will send the money and Cora should have the store pack them up and send them to her. Aunt Lorinda did come, but she is doing poorly and has to keep quiet or she will have another “stroke of apoplexy.”

1901-03-16 Malvina Meredith to Cora Keith

Shelbyville March 16, 1901

Dear Daughter

You dont know how glad we all was to get a letter from you again. I am not agoing to wait as long as you did before answering it either. I am all alone to night. Josie[1] is over to Berts[2] to work for Ida.[3] She fell and hurt her back and cant do anything and Pa[4] went to Kalamazoo yesterday. He heard Uncle Evans[5] fell and broke his arm and thought he would go out and see if it was so. I expected Aunt Lorinda[6] out here next week. She sent word she was going to be here Grandmas[7] birth day and I was going to have a little surprise party on Grandma. Invite in a few of the oldest neighbors but if Uncle Evans has broke his arm she wont come. Ella[8] told Bert she would try and come if it was not to cold and they all got over the mumps at Minnies[9] all right. Marian[10] has gone to a surprise Party to Lulu Knowltons to night. John[11] took her and Mary Doxey down to Curris this afternoon and they are going with Mrytie from thare. Jack Pan Tassle is moveing into Uncle Chubs House and Ettie and Nate are going to live whare Bert Hope does in Willis Doxeys House and a man by the name of Charles Johnson is going to live in the Section House whare Hulls lived and Mr Wire is going to move away. I dont know who is going to move in to that house. Fred Noble has moved again. Aaron has gone to Battle Creek this PM. We got little Walters[12] Pictures this Am. He looks so funny with his eyes all squinted up. I thought at first he was crying. Does he squint them that way all the time or it is because he is out in the snow. He looks cute on his sled with his horse hitched on it. He looks so fat and healthy. Stella[13] is coming home Monday or Tuesday. Oh; by the way, you never said what you thought that propisition she made you about the Battenberg for you to get Braid and thread enough for three and she would make you one. She wants to know. The one Marian done is lovely evry one goes wilde over it and say it must have taken you a long time. Marian has another pattern that is smaller but it is very pretty. She got it of the Teacher. It takes finer braid about half as wide as the big pattern. Tell Winnie[14] her little Fan has been having the whooping cough I guess. She has had a terrible cough for the last two week but it is getting better now. We thought for a couple days she would choke to death. Pa went around with tears in his eyes and his face drawn down longer than a rail. We gave her evry thing we could think of and Pa bought a bottle of Piso cure for consumption and gave that to her but it did not do her any good and finaly he had Doc come over and he gave her some Tablets and she began to get better right away. Oh, he is a fine Dr I can tell you for dogs. Tell Jim[15] I am going to send him Eggs enough to fill him so full he cant bend over. He will get them in time for Easter. Cora I wish you would see if they have those pink dishes yet at your Butter Store. I have got to get me some and the children are bound I shall get those. If they have them yet I will make out a list of what I want and send to you with the money and you get them and have them pack them good for shipping so they wont any of them breake. If they do they are to make them good. I was going up to Wayland to day if Josie had been at home to see if I could get them up thare but they ask such an awfull price for dishes up thare. To day has been a good sap day. Thare has not been any brought in yet and I guess not very much made. Well I guess you have enough of this so I will quit. Give my love to all and my best regards to Mrs Anderson and family. Dont tell little Walt his baby Aunt Mamie cries about evry time she gets to talking about him.

Good by from your loving Mother

Malvina Meredith

March 19

I forgot to mail this letter yesterday. I was so busy in the morning and Aunt Lorinda came on the one oclock train. She is very poorly. She came near having a stroke of apoplexy. She cant do anything. The Dr says she has got to keep very quiet or she will have another. Uncle Evans did breake his arm but it is doing nicely. Hes coming down in a week or two.

Good by

From Mother

I am going to wait untill next week to send your box and perhaps I can get some Maple Syrup.


[1] Malvina’s daughter, Josephine Meredith

[2] Malvina’s oldest son, Walter Burton Meredith Jr.

[3] Bert’s wife, Ida (Curie) Meredith

[4] Malvina’s husband, Walter Meredith

[5] Malvina’s brother-in-law, Evans Meredith, who was her husband Walter’s older brother

[6] Evans Meredith’s wife, Lorinda (Adams) Meredith, who was also Malvina’s maternal aunt

[7] Believe she is referring to her maternal grandmother, Rebecca (Lawrence) Adams

[8] Malvina’s sister, Ellen (Johnson) Francisco

[9] Ellen’s daughter, Ermina (Francisco) White

[10] Malvina’s daughter, Marion Meredith

[11] Malvina’s son, John Meredith

[12] Cora’s son, Walter Keith

[13] Malvina’s niece, Stella (Milham) Bush. Stella’s mother, Ellen (Adams) Milham, and Malvina’s mother, Charlana (Adams) Johnson were sisters

[14] Cora’s daughter, Winifred Keith

[15] Cora’s husband, Jim Keith

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