1901 Diary of Bess Brown

Scan of 1901 Diary of Bess Brown

Bess Brown
736 Hoyne ave
Chicago, Ill.
J. Recoschewitz
659 N. Robey st. [This was crossed out and the following added]
H. A. Brown
736 N. Hoyne Ave.

This Will Serve as a Gentle Reminder.
My Weight was 164
And my Height 5 feet 2 inches
Size of my Gloves 6½
” Hosiery ?
” Collar 13
” Cuffs 9
”Shoes 4

Claude, 1121 E. 53rd St.
Katie Brouty, 967 California
W. Brown, 312 Robey St.
Bernice Crandall, 914 Minor Ave.
Lillie Girard, 398 [or 598?] Sheffield Ave.
Emma Harris, 711 _______
Mary Keller, 363 Herndon
J. Keith, 1249 Wrightwood
Mona Mace, 1115 Summit St.
Elise McIntyre, 212 Arcadia
J. Recoschewitz, 659 N. Robey St.
J. Silva, 499 Wabash Ave.

Dec 30, 1900 – Julius[1] father died Thursday Dec 27 at 5 A.M. was buried Sat. Dec 29.[2]

Jan 1, 1901 – Worked all day at gallery.[3] Blanch[4] left for Tacoma Wash.

Jan 2 – Grace Coy[5] buried at 12.30. Died Thursday Age 18.

Jan 3 – Went to Rudufords dance with Mary and Sophie. Stayed with Mary all night.

Jan 4 – Saw Katie[6] for first time. We were going over to school to see boys.

Jan 5 – Julius stopped playing at the Auditorium with the Opera Co.[7]

Jan 6 – Lillie Girards mother buried to day. Mama, Papa, Claude[8] over to Jims.[9] Julius here all day.

Jan 7 – Mama and I went over to Lillie but she wasn’t home.

Jan 8 – Julius heard of his fathers death to day. Blanch Married.

Jan 9 – Heard from Emma[?].

Jan 10 – Made pillow for gallery. Julius and I went down town in eve. Fannie here to supper.

Jan 11 – Lela got me a chocolate pot to day. Didn’t work at gallery. Was sick all day.

Jan 12 – Made kodak book to day.

Jan 13 – Stayed home except in the eve. Julius and I went down town.

Jan 14 – Claude and Edie[10] here.

Jan 15 – Mary came over to gallery to find out about masquerade.

Jan 16 – Lillie was to the gallery and spent afternoon.

Jan 17 – Lela[11] went over to Edies to spend the day. Stayed all night.

Jan 18 – Spent evening at Lillie first time was there since her mother died.

Jan 19 – Mama, Papa went to pedro club.[12] Jims folks[13] here to supper. Kate here to see Julius.

Jan 20 – Worked part of the day. Mama, Papa, Lela went to theatre. Julius here. I was sick.

Jan 21 – Got new cutting machine at gallery to day. Intended to go over to Jims but didn’t.

Jan 22 – Went over to Lills this P.M. Julius came over in eve also Mary, Sophia and ___ ___ were there.

Jan 23 – Claude 26 to day. Made six cabinets[14] of the Indian to day. Kruschwitz married.[15]

Jan 24 – Mama, Lela and I went to Uncle Highs.[16] Julius played over on the North side.

Jan 25 – Lela, Julius and I went to Studebaker Saw “Chimes of ____. Mama and I went down town.

Jan 26 – Lela commenced painting my chocolate pot to day.

Jan 27 – Worked all day. Mr Billings here in the evening.

Jan 28 – Lela made a new dress to day. Papa, Mama over to M. Wolfs.

Jan 31 – Mama went down town.

Feb 1 – Got things to make Valtenberg collar to day.

Feb 2 – Stayed home. Pedro club met here tonight.

Feb 3 – Lela spent day at Claudes. Mama sick all day.

Feb 4 – Queen Victoria buried to day.

No further entries.


[1] Her fiancé, Julius Recoschewitz

[2] Nothing is known of Julius’ father; research continues. It is presumed he died in Germany

[3] Her father’s photography business

[4] Her cousin Blanche Crawford. She was leaving to marry Charles Hessey on January 8 in Fern Hill, Pierce County Washington

[5] Most likely a friend from when the Browns lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kalamazoo County death records show that Grace died December 31, 1900 and FindAGrave.com shows she is buried in the Glendale Cemetery, Van Buren County, Michigan

[6] Believe this to be Kathryn (Brouty) Thornton, who was the daughter of Julius’ first wife and her previous husband

[7] Julius was a violinist and in later years played second violin with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

[8] Her mother, Nancy (Keith) Brown; father, Henry Brown; and brother, Claude Brown

[9] Her uncle, James Keith

[10] Claude’s wife, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[11] Her sister, Lela Brown

[12] Pedreaux (pronounced “peedro”) was an American trick-taking card game of the All Fours family. Developed in Denver, Colorado, in the 1880s, it was soon regarded as the most important member of the All Fours family although it went out of fashion with the rise of Auction Bridge

[13] Jim’s wife, Cora (Meredith) Keith, and their children, Winifred and Walter Keith

[14] A style of photograph which was widely used for photographic portraiture after 1870. It consisted of a thin photograph mounted on a card typically measuring ​414 x ​612 inches

[15] Not much to go on, but the Cook County marriage records show that Ernst Kruschwitz married Ottilia Knauer on January 23, 1901

[16] Her grand-uncle, Hiram Crawford Jr.

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