January 2, 1900 letter to Luke & Sarah Keith from Oscar Keith

January 2, 1900

To: Luke & Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Oscar Keith, Bloomingdale, MI

Congratulating them on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Scan of 1900-01-02 Oscar Keith to Luke & Sarah Keith

Scan of newspaper article https://lettersfromthe1860s.wordpress.com/2020/11/13/luke-sarah-keiths-50th-wedding-anniversary/

B,dale Jany 2d 1900

C. L. Keith and Wife

Dear Uncle and Aunt

I thought I would write a few lines to you and congratulate you on your Golden Wedding[1] and on your happy privilege of living in two centuries 1800-1900. That is a privilege that but few have especially when considering your age. If I mistake not you are in your 87th year.[2] We are well as usual and hope that you are the same and hope that you will continue to enjoy the blessings of life for manny years yet. We received the Galesburgh paper Ethan[3] sent to us. Was glad to hear of the happy family gathering you had at your home the 14th of Nov. I can immagine somewhat of your feelings and emotions as you looked around upon your children, Grand children and Great grand children who came to you with their offerings of love and affection. I am sorry that James[4] and Henry[5] were not with you. It would have been so pleasant to have greeted the one who has been so long away in the far west.[6] I should have felt as though you had been more than blessed if they all could have been with you but you had a goodly number as it was. I would have like to have looked in upon you and enjoyed the happy fellowship of meeting kindred and friends. How are the Milhams?[7] Are there any more of the children married yet? When you see them give them our love and respects. I trust that you had a Merry Xmas and Happy New Years. I will close with love and friendship to all. Write soon. Good by for this time. Come and see us when you can. May blessing be showered upon you is my prayer.

Your Nephew



[1] They were married on November 14, 1849

[2] Luke was born October 15, 1813

[3] Luke & Sarah’s son, Ethan Keith

[4] Luke & Sarah’s son, James Keith, who lived in Chicago, Illinois

[5] Henry L. Keith, Luke’s son by his first wife, Minerva Payson

[6] Henry moved out to California in the fall of 1880

[7] The family of Martin & Lucy (Lee) Milham. Lucy was the daughter of Luke’s sister, Catherine (Keith) Bradley Lee, and she and Martin had 9 children before she died September 22, 1884

[8] James “Oscar” Keith, the son of Luke’s brother, Harvey Keith, and Alfleda Starr

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2 Responses to January 2, 1900 letter to Luke & Sarah Keith from Oscar Keith

  1. Margaret Williams says:

    Thanks for keeping me informed! You’re work in invaluable! Question: a newspaper article is mentioned in this letter, regarding the happy occasion; I just wondered if you have a copy of it as well? Thanks again, Margaret

    Margaret Pryor Williams


  2. Barb Triphahn says:

    Hi Margaret, I originally posted the article in the letters from the 1860s blog, but have added a link above to that post. Thanks for asking as I had meant to do that but forgot. Hope you are staying well.


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