September 2, 1924 letter to Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown

September 2, 1924 

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

Nancy is writing her brother and sister to let them know that the family arrived home safely from their visit to them along with an update on what they were now doing. Also writes that Lela and Bess got a large candy order so they would be busy making 1,280 bars along with their other orders.

Tuesday Sept 2nd 24

Dear brother and sister

Carrie[1] and Bess[2] are making candy. Julius[3] is on front porch reading. Mr Laynge[4] in his room runing type writer. Jean[5] out doors playing. Thought it a good time to begin a letter home.[6] A card from Edna.[7] Jack[8] still very weak. She dont leave him at all. Has a private room with a cot for her. Gets her meals right there. Jack is gaining but very slow. She hopes to get him home soon. I would almost be afraid to take him home. It a big expense of course. A nice long letter from Helen[9] Sunday. Will look for them home to night. Jean has been just as good as a kitten. Went to school this morning. Bess and Julius go home to night. I’m sorry to have her go. She and I visit more in an hour than Lela[10] and I all the week. Lela has so much on her mind, then she cant seem to get away from Lou.[11]

Wednesday P.M. Folks arrived between twelve & one this A.M. I sat up and waited. Joe[12] phoned me as soon as they struck city limits, then it was one hour & a half before they got here. Left Robert[13] at home. They were all pretty tired. Joe and Dorothy[14] stayed here. I got up 6 A.M. put up his lunch and while I was getting breakfast he drove ver home & changed his clothes. Dorothy stayed till about 10-30. All had a good time, not much ambition to day, but have all worked. Bess is home washing. The folks brought cucumbers, I guess neary ½ bu. nice & crisp from 2 to four inches long. Will pickle some. Lou[15] sent some cheese. They all said if they could have stayed about two days longer in each place it would have quiteded down and they could done some visiting. Joe said he could enjoy staying there with you. He is quite a hand for machining and can enjoy talking with you Ethan. Is quite excited over your talk about the Cutters, what you would like to do. He is a hard working boy, willing, never idle, but does things in a crude way. He says if he could have a machine shop, and one or two good work men to help him and show him, he would not ask for any thing better. He isnt afraid of soiling his hands. You can see that all right. To bad the alfalfa got rot. Hope your back is better Ethan. Glad the girls turned your plates over. Bess & Julius are going home with Claude[16] tomorow night. Dorothy went over to see Mrs Harding. Did not see Leon and family.

Tuesday 3- P.M. Looks very much like rain. Lela has gone to Elgin.[17] She ought not to have gone she felt so bad, but could not go any other day this week, neither can Bess & Julius go to the Lake. An order came in just as Lela was about to leave from the Elevated station wanting forty boxes of bars by Sat. beside some of the pound & half pound boxes. There are 32 bars in a box, so that means to make twelve hundred & eighty bars tomorow, beside other orders, so tomorow Lela, Bess, Dodo & two dippers and Carrie will be here. Its raining, children[18] not home yet. Children are coming will have them mail this before it rains any harder. Robert left his grey shirt some where. If you find any thing any of them left send it when you can as he needs his shirt. It may be in Shelbyville.[19] Hope you both feel rested some.

With love



[1] Believe Carrie was a friend of Bess; research continues

[2] Her daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz. Bess and her daughter and son, Dorothy and Bob, all went by the last name of Brown as Recoschewitz was hard for others to pronounce and spell

[3] Bess’ husband, Julius Recoschewitz

[4] Nancy lived with her daughter Lela who took in boarders; Mr. Lang was one of the boarders

[5] Her granddaughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[6] Ethan and Hannah still lived in the family home in Galesburg, Michigan, and quite often family members would refer to that as “home” and often the visits home were to do maintenance and upkeep on the house and farm

[7] Their cousin, Edna (Crawford) Henry Tullar

[8] Edna’s second husband, Jackson Tullar

[9] Her granddaughter, Helen Mueller

[10] Her daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[11] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller. Lou had been hit by a streetcar on August 19, 1922 and sustained a brain injury. As a result he would have seizures. Lela was able to care for him at home in the beginning but later had to admit him to Elgin State Hospital where he remained until his death in 1942

[12] Joseph Langmayer, her granddaughter Dorothy’s husband

[13] Robert Brown, her grandson

[14] Dorothy (Brown) Langmayer, her granddaughter

[15] Her sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[16] Her son, Claude Brown

[17] To visit her husband Lou

[18] Helen and Jean

[19] Shelbyville, Michigan, where Lou Harris’ family lived

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