September 10, 1924 letter to Nancy Brown from LaVerne Boyer

September 10, 1924

To: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

From: LaVerne Boyer, Shelbyville, MI

LaVerne’s 40th birthday. She received many nice gifts. Mildred likes her rooms. Carol stayed with her for a few nights. Mamma would like to visit Mildred but doesn’t think she can climb the stairs. Winona started school. Papa is okay but tires easily. Uncle Jim had a hard cold.

Sept. 10th. 1924.

Dear Aunt Nan.

Considering that its my 40th birthday anniversary I thought that I ought to do something unusual to celebrate the occasion & I can’t think of anything more unusual for me to do than to answer your letter promptly and I think you’ll agree with me.

Your letter arrived this A.M. I thought I had got some birthday card allright but the letter suited me best. When you get this you’ll know that you havn’t got anything on me when it comes to stationery. The girls gave it to me for Xmas & it certainly is the limit for size. I won’t be sorry when it is used up.

I received two very nice presents. Mamma[1] gave me a cedar chest & Papa[2] a string of pearl beads. I was surprised all right & I felt as tho they hadn’t ought to have done it.

 I told them they had got something ahead of them for the next 10 years if they do as well by the rest. Louese[3] gave me a bottle of perfume & Carol[4] a teapot. I guess Doc[5] hasn’t selected a present yet but he’s promised me $100.00 if the onions turn out all right, or the price, rather, so I don’t care.

Well the visit the folks made seems like a dream. We were sorry they couldn’t have stayed longer. Dorothy[6] will think that was a bluff as none of us urged them to stay as Lela[7] said they ought to go home on Tuesday. I should think Joe[8] would have been too tired to work.

I wondered why they did not get home earlier but as you did not mention their having any trouble I decided they must have had to stop at Bessies[9] quite a while to get Robert[10] out of the car, that is, if it was as difficult to get him out as it was to get him into it.

The little fuss that there was over the G R[11] trip did not amount to anything. Everything is lovely now.

Carol went to Kazoo.[12] Thur. & stayed until Sunday P.M. Mildred[13] wanted someone with her the first few nights. Carol thinks her rooms are pleasant & that she (Mildred) will like it there.

Mamma received a letter from M. yesterday said she slept fine Sunday night so I guess she will be all right. Aunt Em & Etta[14] came up Sunday. Mildred let us know so Mamma was ready for them. Otherwise it would have been hard for her. I hope she can go to Kal. & take some treatments before cold weather. She thinks she can’t get up the stairs to M’s rooms but perhaps she can if she takes a treatment first. I think she feels quite well except for the lameness. She is making cucumber pickles this afternoon. Papa is feeling better but tires easily.

Uncle Jim[15] had a hard cold last week & it affected his breathing so that he sat up Sunday night. Did not work Monday, but Tuesday said he was feeling all right again.

Winona[16] started in school at Martin Monday. I hope she can go until she finishes.

You did not say anything about your eyes so I take it for granted that they are better. I hope so anyway.

I am so sorry about Lou[17] I don’t know what to say only that I hope conditions will change for the better before many months for it is so hard for Lela.

I presume Helen[18] was too sleepy to run the music box when they got home. Didn’t it make you have a home sick feeling? It did me when it went.

I think I had better bring this to a close or you won’t want me to write again. I hope you will be out here for a visit before many weeks.

Thank you for your birthday greeting.

With love to all

from LaVerne


[1] Louese (Keith) Harris

[2] Daniel D. Harris

[3] LaVerne’s daughter, Louise Boyer

[4] LaVerne’s daughter, Carol Boyer

[5] LaVerne’s husband, Samuel “Doc” Boyer

[6] Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy (Recoschewitz) Langmayer

[7] Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[8] Dorothy’s husband, Joseph Langmayer

[9] Nancy’s daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[10] Bess’ son, Robert Recoschewitz

[11] Grand Rapids, Michigan

[12] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[13] LaVerne’s sister, Mildred (Harris) Cripe

[14] Relationship is unknown at this time

[15] Nancy’s brother, James Keith

[16] Jim’s daughter, Winona Keith

[17] Nancy’s son-in-law, Louis Mueller

[18] Lela’s daughter, Helen Mueller

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