August 30, 1924 letter to Nancy Brown from Helen Mueller

August 30, 1924

To: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

From: Helen Mueller, Galesburg, MI

On the way to the Sand Dunes on Michigan Avenue, they saw a girl who threw up behind the taxi she was riding in. At the dunes, she and Robert climbed to the top of a very high hill. Robert ran down and left her at the top all alone and she was scared. They saw men who belonged to the House of David who had long beards. They had sandwiches, pop and ice cream and ate at a Chop Suey restaurant in Kalamazoo, then arrived at Auntie & Uncle Ethan’s.

Saturday, 30, August, 1924.

Dear folks,

We left Aunt Bess’s[1] at exactly five o’clock. A little later we were on Michigan Ave. when we saw a young girl about twenty or more who probly had been out alnight. She was in a taxi. When she got out and went behind the cab and through-up. Then she got in the cab and we followed them. He let her out about a block from where she lived. Last we saw of her was when she was going home with a stick in her hand hiting trees. Then we rode on and finely got to the Sand Dunes. Then we went to Waverly Beach. There was a high mountain of sand. Robert[2] and I went up the hill and down. Going up you don’t know how your going to get up all the way because you stand and puff and puff. Comeing down your scared stiff if you have never been up a high mountain. Robert ran down and left me up there alone. So I slide down part way and then ran. Then we keep agoing until we got hungry. Aunt Bess made some tenderloin sandwiches and we ate those. I was thirsty and Joe[3] too. So we each got a bottle of pop. I mean Joe and I, Robert and Dorothy[4] had an ice cream cone and mamma[5] didn’t have anything. Then we drove along. We saw the men that belong to the House of David. They have long beards and don’t shave. Next we came to a drug store in Michigan City. I got another bottle of pop and Joe, Dorothy and Robert had an ice cream cone. And again mamma didn’t have anything. Next, we reached Kalmazoo at twelve o’clock. We went to a Chop Suey place on S. Burdick St. Robert and I each had a small steak and Dorothy the same. Mamma and Joe had Chow Mein and Dorothy had so kind of funny looking potatoes. Soon we reached Auntie and Uncle Ethens.[6] He was over to Mr. Brockies help putting hay in the barn. Robert and Joe went right over to help. Will right more next time. Joe, Dorothy and I are going to Will Clarks.[7]




[1] Nancy’s daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[2] Nancy’s grandson, Robert Recoschewitz/Brown

[3] Nancy’s grandson-in-law, Joseph Langmayer

[4] Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy (Recoschewitz/Brown) Langmayer

[5] Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller; Helen’s mother

[6] Nancy’s sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne, and brother, Ethan Keith

[7] Nancy’s nephew, the son of her half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

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