August 9, 1924 letter to Ethan Keith and Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown

August 9, 1924

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Crystal Lake, IL

She has had trouble with her eyes so hasn’t been able to sew or read. She keeps them covered a good deal and bandages them at night using boric acid. Lela’s home in Chicago has flooded quite bad and Joe has tried to keep the water out but it is so deep that they can’t make the candy.

Crystal Lake[1] Aug 9” 24

Dear brother and sister

Seems so long since I have heard from you, only the packet last week. May be a letter has come this week, if so I’ll know tonight as Dorothy and Joe[2] are coming out. Such terrible rains, pretty hard winds. I have been in doors all the time. Eda[3] not very well for nearly two weeks. I have had trouble with my eyes so I have not been able to sew or read. They are getting better but I’ll have to be careful for a few days longer. I have kept one of them covered a good deal and at night I bandage them both use boracic acid. Have used tea grounds some. The basements in Chicago have been flooded terribly. Claude[4] said ours[5] was quite bad but Joe stayed and worked kept it out all he could but so deep cant make candy.[6] I’m going home Tuesday or Wednesday. We were going over to see Lou[7] some night but the rains have put the roads in such bad condition dont look as if we could go. We are less than fifteen miles from Elgin. Yesterday was Jeans[8] 9 birthday as you know. I dont know if she had a party or not. Dorothy said she would make a cake and lemon ade & help Lela. I hav’ent heard a thing from any one since I came Monday. Jean has at least four letters she has partly written to you but she dont get them finished to send. Will[9] called a few minutes Monday noon, they had a fine time, thinks Jims[10] feeling fine, works all the time. You see I am out of envelopes so have one of Claudes. Will write after I get home. Looks like more rain. Hope you are not having as much as we are. Did Mildred[11] go down home? If so what do they think they will do? I dont know any thing about them. My eyes are getting tired. Hope this finds you both as well as usual or better. Did the Zinc[?] get there?

With love



[1] Nancy is visiting her son and daughter-in-law, Claude & Eda Brown

[2] Her granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Dorothy (Recoschewitz) & Joseph Langmayer

[3] Her daughter-in-law, Edith “Eda” (Neumaier) Brown

[4] Her son, Claude Brown

[5] Nancy lived with her daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[6] Lela and her sister, Bess, made the candy for their business in Lela’s basement

[7] Her son-in-law, Louis Mueller, who was confined to Elgin State Mental Hospital after suffering brain damage from being hit by a streetcar

[8] Her granddaughter, and Lela & Lou’s daughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[9] Believe she is referring to her brother-in-law, Willis Brown

[10] Her brother, James Clinton Keith

[11] Her niece, Mildred (Harris) Cripe

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