August 8, 1924 letter to Jean Mueller from Nancy Brown

August 8, 1924

To: Jean Mueller

From: Nancy Brown, Crystal Lake, IL

Nancy is sending birthday wishes to her granddaughter, Jean, who turned nine years old, and letting her know she is sorry she couldn’t be with her on her birthday.

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Aug 8th 1924

Grandmas darling little Jean[1]

I am so sorry not to be with you on this your ninth birthday but I am sending you loads of love and best wishes. Your birthday will be past before this reaches you but no matter when you get it grandma will love you and Helen[2] just the same. I dont even know if you have a party or not. If you do I hope you all have such a nice time. So much rain all the time. No swimming, rowing, golfing, or any thing doing.  Will have dancing Saturday evening if it dont rain. We[3] have been to the Lake[4] and roads so bad cant get out much with the car. Drove over town one evening. Aunt Eda not very well, resting a good part of the time in her room. I am in living room after I get up. Cant read or sew. Keep my left eye covered a good deal. We go over to Club for dinner. Hope it will clear off so if Dodo and Joe[5] come they can get out. I hope they can come. Its very quiet here. I’ll be home by middle of week any way. Dont think we can go and see Daddy.[6] I have a little birthday card for you at home. Sorry I did not bring it but you can have it when I come home.

We all send love and best wishes as ever.

Your loving Grandma


[1] Eda “Jean” Mueller

[2] Jean’s sister, Helen Mueller

[3] Nancy is staying with her son and daughter-in-law, Claude & Edith “Eda” Neumaier

[4] Claude & Eda lived in Crystal Lake, Illinois

[5] Nancy’s granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Dorothy (Recoschewitz) & Joseph Langmayer

[6] Jean’s father, Louis Mueller, who was confined to Elgin State Mental Hospital after suffering brain damage from being hit by a streetcar

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