June 24, 1924 letter to Nancy Brown from Hannah Towne

June 24, 1924

To: Nancy Brown

From: Hannah Towne

General news about the neighbors.

Tuesday 8:20 A.M. June 24 – 1924

Dear sister and all –

It is raining hard and has most all night – dont know when Ethen[1] can cultivate or get the late potatoes in, or how the farmers can do haying, a lot of it cut the rains just spoil it. When time when Harry was over he said he had rather fire his money in bonds than in a farm and I think the same. Rains wont hurt the bonds. I did out a little washing yesterday – was agoing to do the washing to day but rain had put a stop to it. I worked down cellar a while but it hard to tell where to begin. If I could have my way a ton or two of the stuff down there would go in Alapacas ashpile. The coal dust is all over every thing black as night like “Chicago.” To day I have to push my self and Ethen feels the same. Am sorry you dont get to feeling better. Why dont you go and see Dr Garvey. When Claude[2] comes home he will take you. I am sorry for you all to have to have such a man in the house. Am sorry about the candy business and so in hopes by this year the girls[3] would begin to realise a lot of money from it. I guess Carrie[4] is getting better. Ethen says we dont know just how she is. One day last week I called up. Ida[5] was out so Carrie answered – first she has talked with me – her voice was just as strong would not thought she was sick. George and Bess live in the farm this summer. He is working it him self – has a tractor. Bess making butter. Their address is Kalamazoo – R #4. Mr Carr goes through to Portage St. after he turnes and comes this way going west. Am glad Jean[6] dont forget us. Jim[7] is on my mind all the time. Will send Lous[8] three last letters or one is a card. If we only had an auto would go and see him.[9] I am afraid he wont last much longer – dont see how he can. I cant send Mildreds[10] letter – sending Lous cant get any more in envelope. Mildred said when Harlow and Marion[11] came home they passed Jims but did not stop and say good bye or see how he was. M– and children were at Shelbyville a week and Harlow went after them. They staid at Jims 4 nights so M– knew how bad he off he is. Yes the Streators entertained. You remember he told me I could’nt have Sunday company. What I write dont even write to Ida or anyone. They cant tell me any thing and I be hanged if Ill tell them. The ladies were roomers she had. Ethel tell this she was there. The girls wanted to know if they did’nt have jazz music. The lady said yes so she played and the girls danced and cut up and had a good time. I dont know but she danced too. I hope she did. They went to the cemetery decoration day in the morning. She did like the way he arraigned the flowers and told him so. He said he liked it. Ethel said it tickled her to hear them. Now he did’nt enjoy the way those girls did but I am glad he had to stand it. I say fight every day right over at that house. Not very many go there so I hear. Addie says they have never seen them but the once she said he told A I that they called there one eve – but no one at home. Addie said they did’nt leave their cards so did not know it until he told Ai “not up to date.” I’ll bet ____ is no ____ scratch. I dont see their names in the Gazette. He knows he has been out here. We have never phoned. Ida told me Carrie had rec’d such a nice letter from Dorothy.[12] The Kal– P.O. is going on fast time. I must get busy. If you can remember the butter is churned in morning then at night E– makes it in the roll to fit the pail then sets it where it will be cool all night then never does it up and and put in pail until just before Mr Carr comes the next morning. Think Dorothy got a nice lot of presents.

Love H–


[1] Their brother, Ethan Keith

[2] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[3] Nancy’s daughters, Lela (Brown) Mueller and Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[4] Neighbor, Carrie Barber

[5] Carrie’s mother, Ida Barber

[6] Nancy’s granddaughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[7] Their brother, James Keith

[8] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[9] Presume she is referring to their brother, Jim, who suffered from severe asthma

[10] Their niece, and Louese’s daughter, Mildred (Harris) Cripe

[11] Harlow & Marion (Meredith) Rice; Marion’s sister, Cora, was James Keith’s wife

[12] Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy (Recoschewitz) Langmayer

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