May 7, 1924 letter to Jean Mueller from Lela Mueller

May 7, 1924

To: Jean Mueller

From: Lela Mueller

Lela is writing to her daughter, Jean, who is visiting relatives in Michigan. She was going to go shopping with her other daughter, Helen, but Helen started crying because she missed Jean so much, and Lela finally had to leave her at home while she went to the bank.

Wed. P.M.[1]

My dear Ejlen:[2]

Seems like you’ve been gone a month, just three in the house, seems very lonesome. I have to sleep with Helen.[3] Saturday after we got home from down town we had an early supper and then we got ready to go up on Lawrence Ave and get Helen some pumps, and what do you suppose. After Helen got her hat and coat on she began to cry for Jeannie and keep it up for over an hour. She would think she had stopped and would wash and put powder on to cover up her red nose and eyes – and then she’d start all over. I had to go to the bank so I finally left her crying. I walked up and back so was gone an hour. When I got home Daddy[4] had gone for a walk so she was alone, sat up in her room cutting out movie stars and had stopped crying.

June[5] was here all day Sunday and staid all night. I went to the store. They were still awake when I got home, 11:45 and had to come down and have lunch.

Am glad you are having such a good time, help all you can – and be real good. Hope Auntie[6] and Uncle Ethan[7] will both be lots better when you are ready to come home. If not Aunt Bess[8] better try and get some one there to help for a time.

Aunt Carrie[9] goes to the Hospital the Monday after Mothers Day. The Dr says its the only thing for her to-day. She asked him if she would have to stay in bed and he said you’ll be sick enough to be glad to stay in bed. He also told Carrie that Mary was in just as good condition as she was fifteen years ago.

I have to go the dentists with Helen now and then at 8:30 with my self. Hope to have six teeth out.

Expect Bob[10] to make caramels this eve. He is learning to drive now, began yesterday.

Must close –

With lots of love to every one.


Aunt Al[11] wants you to visit her you will wont you?


[1] The letter is undated, but from the May 12, 1924 letter it would appear to have been written May 7, 1924

[2] Her daughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller, who was 8 years old; she was with her aunt, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz, and grandmother, Nancy (Keith) Brown, visiting Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith, and sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne, in Galesburg, Michigan

[3] Her daughter, Helen Mueller, who was 10 years old

[4] Her husband, Louis Mueller, who was apparently living at home temporarily. Due to a brain injury he was institutionalized at Elgin Mental Hospital but did occasionally live with the family for short periods of time

[5] Believe this to be June Brown, age 7, granddaughter of Willis Brown, Lela’s uncle

[6] Hannah (Keith) Towne

[7] Ethan Keith

[8] Her sister, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[9] There are several Carrie’s that are mentioned in the letters, but it is unclear which Carrie this refers to

[10] Her nephew, Robert Recoschewitz

[11] Her sister-in-law, Alice Miller (in 1921, because of discrimination against people of German descent during and following World War I, she had her name legally changed from Mueller to Miller)

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