May 6, 1924 letter to Dorothy Rocoschewitz, Joseph Langmayer & Robert Recoschewitz

May 6, 1924

To: Dorothy Recoschewitz, Joe Langmayer & Bob Recoschewitz

From: Bess Recoschewitz

Was waiting for Alice and Carrie & Will to arrive. Auntie wanted things to be just so for company. She didn’t think Alice was any smarter than she was and didn’t like to be flattered so much. Alice was glad to see everyone as she was homesick. Has been doing a lot of cleaning. Wants to know how Bob is getting along with driving and wants him to write. They can show the letter to Lela but better not show it to Lou on account of what she said about Alice.

Tuesday 3. P.M.[1]

My dear Dodo Joe & Bob[2]                   

We[3] are dolled up waiting for Alice[4] and I guess Carrie & Will.[5] If they couldn’t bring her she said she would come on the interurban. I hope they bring her otherwise I’m afraid she will stay for supper and thats going to make a load of work, change everthing. Its made a lot of extra work just having them call. Auntie[6] worries so that things wont be just so, and of course it means to give up so much time that I’d like to put to other use. There is so much to be done and everything goes so slow.

Got your letter this morning.

Wed 9 A.M.

Got this far yesterday when I stopped to do some things for Auntie & didnt get at it again. We waited until quarter of five & no company, so hustled & got supper on the table. At just 5.10 Carrie, Will, George[7] & Alice drove in. We were just ready to sit down. Only Alice stayed, the rest drove on to the lake. Got back about 9.30 stayed until after 10.

I had to chace Jean[8] & Alice to the woods, put on another table cloth get out best dishes & pratically get another supper. Auntie sort of went to pieces for a few minutes but said she was so glad I took it so good natured & cool. Well I was glad I impressed her that way. I told Uncle Ethan[9] she didn’t know the half of it. The whole afternoon & evening shot. Alice seems tickled to death to see us & of course she would be with Jean & I guess she’s pretty homesick. She brought apples, oranges, cinnamon rolls & nut bread with her. Thinks its wonderful here & is going to come again this week, have Mildred, Elizabeth or some one bring her. They both like her but Auntie decided this morning that she wasn’t any smarter[10] than she is and she dont like to be flattered so much. I think Auntie is better than when I got here, but I don’t dare say it.

Jean is having a dandy time & she certainly is good & not one but bit of trouble, keeps her things picked up. She was is going to the woods tonight with Hazels children: Al Arvis & Forrest. About going home I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from Shelby[11] unless they can get me I’m not going to try to go. Its too much all around. We some expect them today & Mildred & Fred[12] will be up one day. I might go to Kal[13] with them & then to Shelby. I’m cleaning the kitchen & well room & poarch to day. Have nearly everthing on the poarch now so I don’t care if we don’t have company.

Auntie got quite a kick out of your letter so did I. How is Bob getting along with the driving. Tell him the address here. Would like to have him write.

Now I’ve got to get busy. Write as often as you can. Let Aunt Lela[14] see this but Uncle Lou[15] better not on account of what I’ve said about Alice. You’ll all understand.

With load of love



[1] The letter is undated, but from other letters concerning the same subjects, it would appear to have been written May 6, 1924

[2] Bess’ daughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz; Dorothy’s fiance, Joseph Langmayer (they were married May 29, 1924); and Bess’ son, Robert Recoschewitz

[3] Bess was spending some time in Galesburg, Michigan, with her aunt and uncle; her niece, Eda “Jean” Mueller, was with her

[4] Alice Miller, who was a sister of Louis Mueller, who was Bess’ brother-in-law

[5] William and Caroline (Neumaier) Pendleton

[6] Hannah (Keith) Towne

[7] George Neumaier, Will and Carrie’s son

[8] Eda “Jean” Mueller, Bess’ niece

[9] Ethan Keith

[10] Alice was a Dean of Women at Illinois Wesleyan University (1922-1924) and then at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (1924-1926). As a teacher, she taught German and French and during the summer months she served as a guide for her college students on tours of Europe

[11] Shelbyville, Michigan, where some of the relatives lived

[12] Bess’ cousin, Mildred (Harris) Cripe, and her husband (they were married November 28, 1923)

[13] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[14] Bess’ sister, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[15] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

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