April 3, 1924 letter to Hannah Towne & Ethan Keith from Louese Harris

April 3, 1924

To: Hannah Towne & Ethan Keith

From: Louese Harris, Shelbyville, MI

Louese is filling in her sister and brother on family and neighborhood news. Mildred and Fred will be going on their wedding trip the last part of May and will be gone three weeks. Dorothy and Joe have postponed their visit to visit so that Mildred will be home when they come.

Shelbyville Apr. 3- 1924

Dear Sister & Bro:

4.15 P.M. Will write a while before I have to get supper and must nearly finish my letter to night as there is no such thing as writing forenoons, too much doing. Have to take some thing every day and moving as slow as I have to it keeps me going. I do considerable sitting down but that dont work with every thing.

LaV–[1] arrived yesterday noon with Fred & Mildred.[2] They went down on 8 oclock met her at corner Portage & Main. She came over to the house just to let me know how you folks were and then went home. Carol[3] had dinner all ready. They were just going to sit down when she got there. She was up last eve and told me all about her visit with you so I got it while it was fresh in her mind. I’m glad she could go and stay a few days and I hope the roads will soon be so I can go.

Since Monday Mildred has been taking Fred to his work in afternoon. Tues. eve Floyd[4] went with her after him. Last eve Carol went leave here a quarter to eleven. They have to stop on plank road ½ mile from station and wait for him, cross road is so bad, but he thought he’d try it out to day and if “makes the grade” she wont have to go any more. The girls took Tony[5] with them last night, so they felt perfectly safe. F– & M–[6] are going on their wedding trip the last of May, have their passes now. Will go to Indiana & visit his aunt and sister first, go there with auto so they will have that to use while there. Want to go to cemetery decoration day then there are lots of places and frieds of his he wants her to see and the car will be very convenient to have. From there they go to Washington D.C. and other points. They are studying the map looking up places of interest etc. Expect to have three weeks vacation. But I’m going home to see you before they go. I’m glad Dorothy and Joe[7] have postponed their visit here at that time for I want Mildred at home when they come and she wants to be. Of course LaV– told you it was a sure thing with Dorothy Harding.[8] She is going to “Boston” though. It is very noticeable. Looks like 7 mos too bad but she dont act as if she cared.[9] Mrs Harding[10] does, and looks as if she would collapse, but she feels terrible too over selling this house. She has’nt told them for certain she would but Leon[11] is so determined she shall I’m afraid he will carry his point. Adrienna and Roy[12] own a double house. ” ” [Adrienna] wants her mother to buy half of it. Mrs H might as well be in a “pandora box” as to live so close to A– & family. I rec’d a letter from Roy last Fri. he is in the hospital having mumps, has them on both sides is getting along alright. Clyde Pierce Ida Kitchens[13] boy is on his way to China. He enlisted at the time Roy did and was sick in hospital at the time he should have had his furlough, so he did not have a chance to come home. I should think Ida would be crazy. D[14] was down to see Mr Olin Tues. He and his wife just returned from Florida the day before. Stella told me about Mrs Carrens[?] death probably Jake will stay with Linn now just as he has and they probably wont go to Florida before an other fall.

Fri 2 Oclock P.M.

Must finish this up. Leone[15] has just been over after it so shall have to make another trip. A fine day. We have two windows open and fire as low as we can run it with out it’s going out. The bees are very friendly and numerous, have to watch out when we go out of doors. I’m about all in to day, joints sore and ache and no pep. But you two know how that goes as well as I, yes better. D & Floyd not feeling very extra good. If D would take a few more estates to over see, handle the business etc they might feel better. One thing the coal season is nearly over with. A letter from Aunt Kate[16] last Tues. She wants me to send her some silk pieces. I can’t get at it before next week. I’ve worked all day, so has Mildred and we have got to keep at this.

P.M. She finish ironing and I’ve got to make fried cakes if there is any such thing in the books.

Lets you two D & I go on a vacation and stay the rest of the summer. Would’nt it be fun & Jim[17] would like to go too & Nancy[18] I think.

Do you know if the candy business[19] is flouishing as much as usual. I’m sorry for all of them and I dont see how Nancy stands it. Well I must close.

LaV– said neither of you felt real good but you had to work too hard. Glad you have a good home. I’m anxious to see it. Hope you get this to morrow. Use the Vapo rub on your neuritis & throat, both of you.

Good Bye

With Love



[1] Louese’s daughter, LaVerne (Harris) Boyer

[2] Louese’s daughter and son-in-law, Mildred (Harris) & Fred Cripe

[3] LaVerne’s daughter, Carol Boyer

[4] Louese’s son, Floyd Harris

[5] Believe this was their dog

[6] Fred & Mildred

[7] Dorothy Recoschewitz & Joseph Langmayer; Dorothy was the granddaughter of Louese, Hannah & Ethan’s sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown, and she and Joe were going to be married May 29, 1924

[8] Dorothy (Adams) Harding

[9] Dorothy married Leon Harding February 25, 1924

[10] Jessie (Carruthers) Harding

[11] Jessie’s son, Leon Harding

[12] Jessie’s daughter and son-in-law, Adrienne (Harding) & Roy Bronson

[13] Ida (Kitchen) Pierce was Louese’s niece

[14] Louese’s husband, Daniel Harris

[15] Louese’s daughter, Leone Harris

[16] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, the widow of their mother’s brother, Hiram Crawford

[17] Their brother, James Keith

[18] Their sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[19] Nancy Keith Candies

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