April 2, 1924 letter to Lela Mueller from Nancy Brown

April 2, 1924

To: Lela Mueller

From: Nancy Brown

Nancy and her granddaughter, Jean, are staying at her sister’s and brother’s home. Her sister, Louese, wants them to come to Shelbyville for a visit which would mean Jean would lose a week of school. Jean doesn’t want to go; she says she came to Michigan to see Auntie and Uncle Ethan and didn’t expect she had to go anywhere else. Jean is having a grand time helping Ethan with the farm animals and picking vegetables. Updates Lela on Carrie Barber’s operation and the problems she is having in recovering.

April 2nd 24

Dear ones all

Before I forget it Lela did you or Helen[1] find my pen. I dont know where I left my things, but I had that and my box of writting paper on my bench may be the pen is in box. If not it must be on bench. If you have not found it I wish you would look and if you do put it away for me. We expect Jims[2] folks down for Sunday. A letter from Aunt Lou.[3] She wants us to come up there. Says Fred and Mildred[4] will come for us. Now tell me just just what you think. I thought if we went up there Tuesday then home Friday. Of course it will keep Jean[5] out of school a week, so I’ll do as you say. Let me know Monday. Jean dont want to go, says she just came to Michigan to see Auntie and Uncle Ethan.[6] Did not expect she had to go to Shelbyville & any where. She is having a grand time out with Ethan all the time feeding chickens rubbing Daisy & Maud with curry comb. She gathered 21 eggs yesterday. They drew truck[7] all day. To day they draw fertalizer. Dont send her any more clothes. Bess[8] are you going to use your old _____. If not they have a dandy place here for it. Mrs Salon has just come. Dorothy[9] they want I should thank you for the asparagras first they have had & they certainly enjoyed it. I wondered if you went to Elgin yesterday Lela, and how you found Lou.[10] What if any thing was decided on Tuesday night. Carrie[11] is in bad shape. An abcess has formed where the stitches were taken. She vomits which is very bad for her. They are so discouraged. I have not been over will if I can if we go to Aunt Lous. I’ll let you know from there about our coming home. Will also write to Claude.[12] If Saterday will be better for him than Friday let us know. I suppose I will have to leave on the morning train get there between 12 & 1. I thought may be Claude & Eda[13] would be going away Sat. and Joe[14] would be working. Have you sent crate. I cant come home till I get a check.

Time for Mr Carr. This must do for all.

With love from



[1] Lela’s daughter, Helen Mueller

[2] Her brother, James Keith, and his family

[3] Her sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[4] Her niece and niece’s husband, Mildred (Harris) & Fred Cripe

[5] Her granddaughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[6] Her sister and brother, Hannah (Keith) Towne & Ethan Keith

[7] Vegetables raised to be sold at market

[8] Her daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[9] Bess’ daughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[10] Lela’s husband, who was a patient at Elgin State Mental Hospital

[11] Carrie Barber; see March 20, 1924 letter

[12] Her son, Claude Brown

[13] Claude’s wife, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[14] Her grandson-in-law, Joseph Langmayer

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