February 28, 1924 letter to Nancy Brown from Hannah Towne

February 28, 1924

To: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

From: Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

Writes about how she has told different people about the candy business and how much every one enjoys the candy. Wishes Bess lived closer to Lela so she wouldn’t have to travel so late at night. General news about neighbors and other family members.

Thursday Eve – Feb 28 – 1924

Dear Sister and all –

We have had three nice days and not so cold. Have thought of you and wondered if your fire is any better. I dont see how you can stand it to be so cold and not get sick. It wories us. Hope something can be done before an other winter. I do hope you can get the money so you can enlarge the business and make a lot of money this year. Everything has got a blue cast to it with us all. Where did you send Mabels candy. I suppose they are in York state some where. They intended to stopped here but we have’nt seen or heard any thing of them. Think she will be surprised to see your name.[1] I went over to see Ida and Carrie[2] this P.M. Mr & Mrs Brackie and Ethen[3] were going to the burg with horses and sleigh so I thought it a good time for me to go and then have the ride. I did’nt feel equil to it for I am so lame all over and then through me but I went just the same and I can tell to morrow how I feel from it. Ida just phoned and said Carrie has had a hard spell this eve and had to have the doctor. He says nothing can be done but an opperation. (I told them all about the candy business – they think it wonderfull – so if you ever send them a box put it up nice like you do when you send away. We dont want you to take any extra pains for us an old way will do. All we care for is the candy but dont send so often it costs you to make and send it. Mrs Ford phoned me Monday and asked all about it said Edna had told her said it was the most delicious candy she ever ate. She said she and Mrs Steward had been talking about. She wanted to know the price). I said to Ethen perhaps they were agoing to send for a box. Bess[4] I wish you lived nearer to Lela’s.[5] I dont like to think of your going home so late. That is a good letter Lou[6] wrote but I would be a fraid to have him come home. It is an awful thing to be as near right as he seems to be and have to stay there. But no telling what he might do if he came home. Floyd[7] was here about an hour yesterday. He had been to Battle Creek with Doc[8] & Bert Hope. They went to see Raymond. Doc has got rheumatism so bad. Has to go again next week. I would answer your letter if I were Cora and say something.

Friday 8:30 – Just got a phone from Ell M. She is comeing over and my work is’nt done. Had planned to do the cleaning up to day for to morrow. I want to do baking. Have to do that when it is _____ enough to have a fire in kitchen. It has put me out and up set me her wanting to come this forenoon. It is dandy out sun so bright and nice. Hope to hear from you to morrow.

Love H

Three months to night Mildred and Fred[9] were married.

Would write more if I had time.


[1] The name of the candy store was Nancy Keith Candies

[2] Believe she is referring to a neighbor, Ida (Barber) Howe, and her daughter, Carrie. Ida married Eugene Howe in 1882; however, the 1900 census shows Ida as a widow and she and their children were living with her father. All subsequent census records list her and her children with the surname of Barber

[3] Their brother, Ethan Keith

[4] Nancy’s daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[5] Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller. The girls made the candy in Lela’s basement

[6] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller, who was confined to Elgin State Mental Hospital

[7] Their nephew, Floyd Harris

[8] Samuel Boyer, husband of their niece, LaVerne (Harris) Boyer

[9] Their niece and her new husband, Mildred (Harris) and Fred Cripe

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