Nancy Brown’s diary entries for January 8 & 10 and January 30, 1924 letter to Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown


I went to Claudes[10] Jan 8″ in the evening. Claude brought me home Friday morning the 11″.

Edith and Hedwig Sissle[11] moved from home to the Hayes Hotel Thursday the 10″ [Jan. 10, 1924]. They came here to live with us about the first week in Nov 1921.


[10] Her son

[11] Two of Lela’s boarders


January 30, 1924

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

A short letter wanting to know if they got the $5.00 and cake.

Wed Jan 30″ 1924

Dear brother and sister

I’m writting just a few lines to ask if you got Roberts[1] check for 5.00 and if the cake got there all right. The letter was sent the 21­st­ cake 23rd. Bess[2] said the little packages was put in to keep the cake from being shaken up to much. Hope you got every thing all right and think you did. I have not heard any thing from Cora[3]. I did not say any thing about you or the horse. Nice and sun shining to day but sloppy and wet. Lela[4] goes to Elgin tomow. Dr told Joe[5] last Sunday he thought in a few weeks they could tell if Lou[6] was all right – if so he could come home. Dodo[7] dont hear one word from Louese. Some times she thinks she will phone her, then she will change her mind. We are glad Edna[8] liked our candy. Wonder if Henry would’nt like a box to take to Cal. on his trip. He can have one for 1.00. Bess just phoned. Said she and Robert got your letters, evry thing got there O.K. I’ll send this just the same so long as its written. Will write so you’ll get a letter Saterday. Jean[9] was walking on ice coming home this noon it brake. She fell in to a lot of water, wet from head to foot, so she cant go this P.M. She Helen[10] & Bob passed in school.


[1] Her grandson, Robert Recoschewitz

[2] Her daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[3] Believe she is referring to her sister-in-law, Cora (Meredith) Keith

[4] Her daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[5] Joseph Langmayer, who was engaged to her granddaughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[6] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller, who was confined to Elgin State Mental Hospital

[7] Her granddaughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[8] Her cousin, Edna (Crawford) Henry Tullar

[9] Her granddaughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[10] Her granddaughter, Helen Mueller


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