January 7, 1924 letter to Nancy Brown from Wilma Keith

January 7, 1924

To: Nancy Brown

From: Wilma Keith, Shelbyville, MI

She will be writing to someone in Chicago once a week to keep track of everyone. All are feeling fine there; weather is very cold but sunny. Presumes the girls made lots of candy for Christmas. Their paper boy died Saturday of heart asthma. “The stars always shine at our house now As we have one in the garage, It runs like a top too.” Got Christmas cards from all but forgot to send theirs. Dorothy hasn’t written since she came home. She has her pillow cases done.

Shelbyville. Mich.

Jan. 7. 1924.

Dear Aunt Nan & All.

Well I don’t remember whose turn it is to write yours or mine But I am not going to wait I am going to try and write once a week to someone in Chicago, So we can keep track of everyone Ha. How is everyone anyway? We are all feeling fine I guess it’s the weather Sat. & Sun. it was pretty cold yesterday morning it was 18˚ below zero here.

Well I presume the girls[1] Holiday rush is about over Do they have any idea how many pounds they made for Christmas.

To-day is certainly a beautiful day it is quite warm and the sun is shining so bright. It is the first 7th of Jan I remember that was’nt a stormy one I don’t rememberer or what it was 19 years ago to-day though.[2] Aunt Nan do you rememberer the little boy[3] who peddled the paper’s here nites Well he died Sat. afternoon about 2:00 He has been sick for about 6 weeks, the last few days he suffered everything. The doctor says it’s from the poison left in his system when they had diphtheria because his face commenced to swell and when the swelling got down to his lungs it shut off his breathing. The doctors some of them said it was heart asthma.

Well Aunt Nan the stars always shine at our house now As we have one in the garage, It runs like a top too. Now we can go when it comes summer. We went to Aunt Marions[4] Christmas. Well I guess we got Christmas cards from everyone but we did’nt send ours we got them all ready to send Then forgot everything about them The last minute I got a few New year’s cards and sent but they was’nt so very pretty.

Tell Dorothy[5] I hav’nt seen a letter from her since I came home and tell her that I have her pillow cases done. Will send them soon. Would like to make a sheet to go with them with the insertion and perhaps I will sometime before April.

Well I must close. Write soon.


Please excuse my writing as my head is to full of grief for the Bryants.[6]

[1] Lela (Brown) Mueller and Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[2] Wilma was born January 7, 1905

[3] A search of Ancestry.com shows that Clifford Bryant died January 5, 1924 from complications of diphtheria

[4] Marion (Meredith) Rice, the sister of Wilma’s mother, Cora (Meredith) Keith

[5] Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[6] Clifford’s parents, Arthur and Mary (Griffen) Bryant


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