November 23, 1923 letter to Ethan Keith and Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown

November 23, 1923

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne

From: Nancy Brown

Nancy is writing to her brother and sister and enclosing a letter she received from her son, Claude. She writes that Mildred and Fred are getting married Saturday. Claude’s letter mentions that Louis is rapidly failing and didn’t recognize his sister when she visited. He would like to take Lela away for a few days so that she can get a break.

I’ll send these two letters.[1] I am not going till Tuesday morning. Will try hard to get the border and cloth [?] sent tomow. Would if I could get them. Freds[2] being here makes it a lot harder. Mildred[3] cant do so much and its so hard for Lou[4] to get around. She told me it would go to day or tomow any way. I’ll do all I can to get it off to day.

The party is the Sissle girls.[5] Wilma and Winifred[6] are planing to go to Chicago two weeks from to day. Leave Kirk & children[7] at Jims.[8] She will stay till about Wednesday. Dont know how long Fred is going to stay. Has a nice new car. I imagine you are going to cut the alfalfa this week Ethan. How is the beans & peas. I’m going to help get dinner will write so you will hear about Friday. Guess I’ll be pretty busy if Lela[9] goes away, but I want she should go if it will help her any. Hope the weather will be warm so I wont have to take care of the furnice. I have never done that.

With love


Mum is the word. I guess F & Mildred will go to G.R tomow, get her a suite and other things she needs, be maried Sat. then to to Indiana. Plans not settled. They will write you when its all over. All feel bad of course but think it all right. You understand. Dont say any thing in your letters till you get it from them. M feels bad. I’m sorry for all but Fred. He seems real nice. I like him. This is only for you two.


To: Nancy Brown

From: Claude Brown, Chicago, IL

Wed noon[10]

My dear Mother: –

Guess I will have to start sending you money weekly again and then I will write as I should. I dont know where the time goes but it goes with the good resolutions maybe.

We[11] had a fine trip and a good rest at Sturgeon Bay – were away from Thursday to Wednesday so had a nice long trip and did not have to drive hard. We stopped Monday night at Oconomowoc – in the village – did not go out to La LeMiere the place we stayed when you were with us.

Have not made up my mind on vacation trip yet but the Eastern Jaunt seems to be fading away – dont see how I can take the time or spend the money. (Speaking of money – How about the new horse.)[12]

Would like to get Lela away for a few days or a week if she can make it and will try to make it the last week in September – do not know where we will go but will go where she wants if she has any choice. If she wants to we could drive of over to Mich. and perhaps bring you back but am afraid that would not give her the rest she needs. My suggestion is a Wisconsin trip or into Souther Indiana.

Lou[13] is failing very rapidly – did not know Joe[14] when she was there Sunday. Lela will not go down again until he is better. Bess[15] and Carrie are going tomorrow and take some winter underwear as he complained of the cold.

Business[16] is not improving much but we are at least holding our own and selling some stock so feel very much encouraged. When our new help and new service get started about Oct 1st we will all feel better – now it is a case of marking time.

Dont forget if you want anything or need more money to let me know – you know I dont think of those things but want to be reminded.

With lots of love


[1] One letter is from Nancy’s son Claude, as she wrote on the reverse side of the second page, but the other letter was not attached

[2] Fred Cripe

[3] Nancy’s niece, Mildred Harris

[4] Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[5] Edith & Hedwig Sissle, who boarded at Lela’s house

[6] Her nieces, Wilma Keith and Winifred (Keith) Brouard

[7] Winifred’s husband, Kirk Brouard, and their two children, Ruth and Keith Brouard

[8] Nancy’s brother (and Winifred’s and Wilma’s father) Jim Keith

[9] Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[10] There was no date on this letter, but as Claude mentions that he wants to take Lela on a trip the end of September it was probably written around the end of August or beginning of September

[11] Claude and his wife, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[12] See the November 11, 1923 letter from Hannah asking whether Claude could give them money so they could buy a new horse

[13] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

[14] Lou’s sister, Johanna (Mueller) Holmquist Langhorn

[15] Nancy’s daughter, and Lela’s sister, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[16] Bonnet Brown Sales Service

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