Nancy Brown’s diary entries from November 26 – December 10, 1923

Nov 26 – Dodos 20th birthday. Lela, me, Helen, Jean, Claude, Eda, Will, Lizzie, & Joe and his mother, Carrie & Willard to Bessies for the evening. I stayed all night. Julius in Madison. Miss Ludd left this P.M.

Nov 27 – Alone all day. Bess up to home making candy. I washed the dishes from last night. Took about 2 hours.

Nov 28 – I went home this A.M. Lela down town to buy things for Lou. Mildred and fred married about six p.m. in Kazoo. Went up to see Ethan and Hannah for a while, back to Kazoo to night.

Nov 29 – Thanksgiving. Lela & Bess went to Elgin. We all go to Claudes for Turkey dinner. “” [Claude] came for children & I at three in the rain. Bess family & us there also Mrs Howard, Catherin M, Harold & Joe. Lela & Bess back in time for dinner. Emma Allen Schuyler[138] passed away 12-40 A.M. M– & Fred stayed at Ethans & Hannahs to night.

Nov 30 – At Claudes. Some tired. Rested all day. We went to Riveria this eveing saw “Acquited.” Gladys and Mr Reeds engagement[139] announced. Mrs Bronstein began dipping candies for us to day. Girls pay her .50 an hour.

Dec 1 – Claude brought me home this A.M. We drove down & got Bess.

Dec 2 – Lela went to Elgin alone this forenoon for first time. Found Joe and family there. Mildred left home to day will live in Kazoo, board until they find rooms for housekeeping. Bess went to Rockford. Rays baby cristened.[140]

Dec 3 – Children home to day. Bess and Lela in ___, got home between 7 & eight.

Dec 8 – Furnice broken, no fire. Using the oil heater Electric & gas oven to keep warm. Lela in Elgin home about 7-30. Lou better.

Dec 9 – Lela in Elgin. Got home about 7-30. Lou better. Dodo here to day. Joe came this evening, took her home.

Dec 10 – Big Laundry corner of Montrose & Francisco burned this A.M. Claude & Eda here this eve. Took Helen to see about having a coat made. I went. Claude & I went over to Wills. Claude signed a paper for Lela. Bess stayed all night.

[138] Emma (Allen) Schuyler. Emma was married to Calvin who was the brother of William Schuyler (see footnote 136)

[139] Charles Reed to Gladys Doyen

[140] Betty Jane Brown, who was born June 9, 1923

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