Nancy Brown’s diary entries from October 26 – November 9, 1923

Oct 26 – Lela gone to Sycamore to night. Lela went to Sycamore this A.M. goes to Davenport. Miss Gordon, Helens music teacher, fell in Lake Mich about 6-30 p.m. was rescued.

Oct 28 – Dodo and I had such a time with the fire. Wilma here this aftern & eveing. Joe came for lunch. We had Oyster stew. He took Wilma over to Mrs Locks. Dodo stayed with us.

Oct 29 – Lela home from Davenport. Bess & Carrie went to Elgin this p.m. Bess came home from Elgin. Claude & Eda over. Lou about the same, knew them.

Nov 1 – Girls made candy. I dont feel very well. Went home with Bess.

Nov 2 – Lizzie phoned, wanted Bess and I should meet she and Mrs Davis at Rivieria. I did not feel equal to it, neither did Bess so we had them & Will come down for boiled dinner. Lela came in eveing. They took her home. Martha stayed out of “Training” to keep Helen & Jean. Placed our candies in a tea room in Rail Way X change ___.

Nov 3 – Am feeling better. Bess fixed lining in my coat. Dodo got a new dress yesterday, _____ full length, trimed in white buttons. Wilma over to Lelas, left Mrs Locks to day. Joe here this eveing. Rained all day. Miss Hedvig got a new fur coat to day.

Nov 4 – Claude & Eda brought me home this forenoon. They and B___ are going to Crystal Lake. Wilma went down to Bessies. Dodo is going to have company this eve, Joe, Wilma, Miss Dahl and her friend. Rained all day.

Nov 9 – A letter from home. Mr Will Schuyler[136] burned to death in the big barn where he lived on the grandpa Ralp[h] old home.[137]

[136] William Schuyler

[137] According to the November 11, 1923 letter from Hannah Towne, the barn belonged to Mrs. Gates, so apparently the Schuylers were renting the place. Nancy’s sister, Louese, was married to Daniel Harris whose grandfather was George Ralph so it is assumed this is “Grandpa Ralph”

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