Nancy Brown’s diary entries from August 31 – September 30, 1923

Aug 31 – At Wills. Called on Mr & Mrs Ford. Mrs Tierney was there.

Sep 1 – Cloudy. Charley Clark came this A.M. stayed all night. Mr Brodrick & Ethan went to Burg for groceries. Henry Ford & Ethan went to B.C. I went over home with them.

Sep 2 – Rainy. Family reunion of the Lees in Aunt Katies[123] old farm in “Long Grove” 36 of us there. Charley went over to Wills.

Sep 3 – Cloudy, rained some. Mildred & LaVerne came just as we finished supper, stayed all night. Caroline Clark began teaching to day in Newyago her first school. Charley went home to day. Mildred & Hannah up to Mr Riddlers a short time. Mae & children there.

Sep 4 – Cloudy. Mildred, Lou[ese] & LaVerne went home. Left here 4-17 P.M. We drove up to see the new Bungalow & Herberts ruins of his house.[124]

Sep 5 – Cloudy. Ethan cleaning shop & cellar. I have packed some to day getting ready to go home.

Sep 6 – Rained all day. Hannah sewing for Mae Riddlers little girl, making school dresses. No letter to day. One week to day since I heard from home. Lou was very bad, violent.

Sep 7 – Letter from Lela & Bess. Lou no better. Mr Doyen came for me, was here to lunch. They took me to see _____ of _____ at the Regent (old Academy of music). We called on Mattie. She told me of Minnie McK_____ sickness. Rained very hard. Mr D & Gladys brought me home. Got home about six.

Sep 8 – Hannah washed. I began packing getting ready to go home. Rained very hard this eve. Ina Schuyler[125] here this P.M.

Sep 9 – Cloudy & cool. Will Clark here a while this A.M. Lela writes Lou is failing. His sister Joe to see him to day. Did not know her.

Sep 10 – LaVernes birthday.[126] I am cleaning my room and packing so Ethan can send my things to Chi in the morning P.P. Mrs Ina Schuyler here this aftern. Mr Grace to see Lou to day. He did not know Mr. Grace. Is very happy.

Sep 11 – Mr Doyen came for me took me to Shelbyville. We went Ravine[?] road. Rained hard from Plainwell to Shelbyville. Left Ethan & Hannah before dinner. Got to Lou[ese]s about 2-30.

Sep 12 – Rained. Stayed at Lous all day.

Sep 13 – Cold. I went down to Winnies to supper, down to Jims this evening. Jim quite bad with asthma. A letter from Claude.

Sep 14 – Cold. Still at Jims. Fred Cripe[127] came to see Mildred drove _____ in his new car. He Mildred and Lou[ese] came down this evening.

Sep 15 – Still cold. I went to LaVerns after dinner. Cora & Winnie & family went to Wayland. Lou[ese] down to LaVerns this evening. A letter from Lela. Bess had been to see Lou. He did not know her but was happy. I went home with Lou.

Sep 16 – Plesant. I am at Lous. Fred, Mildred, Floyd and Leone took a long ride this P.M. Hannahs birthday.[128] This evening Fred, Mildred, Lou, Louise & I went to Wayland in Freds car. Carol and Floyd in Docs car. We went to movie.

Sep 17 – At Lous. Stella over this P.M. also Mr Harding. Jim brought me some Dill picles.

Sep 18 – Rainy. I left Shelbyville for Chicago on 8 A.M. train arived at 12-15. Claude and Lela met me. We spent aftern at Bessies. Children came there alone from school. We all went to see Jackie Coogan in Circus days that evening. Good. I went home with Lela and children.

Sep 19 – Unpacked my things, got them partly put away.

Sep 23 – Ray, Esther and baby Bettie Jane here for lunch. First we have seen the baby. She was born June 9.

Sep 30 – Ray, Esther and baby Bettie Jane here to lunch. First we had seen the baby. Helen and I spent the day with Bess & family. Came home in taxi.

[123] Nancy’s father’s sister, Catherine (Keith) Bradley Lee; her second husband was George Clinton Lee

[124] See April 14 entry

[125] A neighbor of Ethan & Hannah

[126] LaVerne was born in 1884, making her 39 years old

[127] Mildred’s future husband

[128] Hannah was born in 1855, making her 68 years old


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